Late Breaking News (BARC Style!)

============================ Larry Schwarz, W4RHY, (SK) Larry Schwarz, W4RHY, (SK), 67, passed away February 1, 2019.  He is listed in the Silent Keys in the June 2021 issue of QST.  He lived in Winterville before moving back to Fayetteville.  He was very active in the Pitt County area with his Amateur Radio.  He had a computerContinue reading “Late Breaking News (BARC Style!)”

BARC zoom meeting Tues 4/13/21, 7pm.

Presentation by Elixander Valladares W7HU AKA Alex. He will be our April Guest.. Alex will discuss growing up in Cuba and involving himself in the hobby from his teens. He decided that he wanted to explore the opportunities that were available in the USA, but for this, he had to sneak out of Cuba on aContinue reading “BARC zoom meeting Tues 4/13/21, 7pm.”