Nets & Repeaters

Here is some local repeater information. These repeaters are managed and funded by individuals personally. All of us that use the repeaters should join the repeater associations and pay the minimal yearly dues to keep the repeaters on the air. If we do not do that, then your handi talkie will become useless as there will be no repeaters! Please join or donate time and money helping support the repeaters. See the notes below for access to the associations.

Net Schedule

2 Meter Monday Night Net at 8:00 PM on 147.090Mhz W4GDF repeater. Volunteers are needed to run the net: please email Richard W4JNC with the time slot you can do. Any spot can be run by anyone who is present. Just download the “Preamble” and “NetLog Worksheet” (buttons below), read it over the air. On the worksheet, write down the call signs and the first names of the callers and then call on them one at a time. Make note if they are “Mobile/Emergency power“, have an “announcement” to make, or are “In/Out” (not staying for the ragchew). The worksheet has a place for short “Notes” and a “Done?” column to check off when you have called on them (a placeholder). It is not hard to do and everyone should do it several times to practice as in case of an emergency, you may be called on to do this. Here is the schedule so far. Please volunteer as much as you can to practice this. Thank you, 73 N4PVH.

X = no 5th Monday that month

Area Nets

DayTimeNet InformationFrequencyOffsetTone
Monday8:00 PMPitt County Area Rag Chew Net
(BARC 2-Meter Net)
Tuesday9:00 PMNewport Skywarn Net146.685
12:00 PMDown East Hospital Net
(See Note #5)
Wednesday8:00 PMDown East Rag Chew / Technical Net224.8400-1.691.5
9:00 PMCoastal Emergency Linking Net147.090+0.6131.8
Daily8:30 PMEastern North Carolina Traffic Net444.725-0.688.5
Local Area Nets

Local Repeaters

2 Meters Repeaters

Call SignLocationFrequencyOffsetMhzToneAnalog / DigitalStatus
(See Note 1)
Greenville147.090+0.6131.8AnalogOn Air
(See Note 1)
(Yaesu C4FM)
Room 68425
On Air
(KD4EAD)Bethel147.3500.6151.4Off lineRemoved
W4NBRGrifton146.6850.688.5AnalogOn Air
K4BCHChocowinity147.255+0.6131.8AnalogOn Air
Local 2 Meters Repeaters

1.25 Meters Repeaters

LocationFrequencyOffsetMhzToneAnalog / DigitalStatus
(See Note 4)
Grifton224.84001.691.5AnalogOn Air
Local 1.25 Meters Repeaters

70cm Repeaters

Call SignLocationFrequencyOffsetMhzToneAnalog / DigitalStatus
(Note 1)
Greenville444.725+591.5AnalogOn Air
(Notes 2)
Greenville444.800+5CC1DMROn Air
(N4HAJ)Fountain444.425+588.5AnalogOff line
Local 70cm Repeaters

1. This repeater is part of the Pitt County Repeater Association network. John KE4TZN has been supporting and maintaining the repeaters.
2. This repeater is part of the NCPRN network. supported by Macon WB4PMQ.
3. Coastal Emergency Linking Net run by Jo Ann KC4PTA.
4. ENC Repeater Group at Pete WA5T is running the organization and trying to get the Grifton repeater repaired. Join the group and help fund the repairs.

5. Down East Linking System:

There will be an Amateur Radio Operator Hospital Radio Check on the second Tuesday of the month at noon.

The Down East Hospital Emergency Net (DEHEN) is run by local amateur radio operators (HAMs) using the combined resources of the Down East Repeater Linking System, Stony Creek Amateur Radio Society Repeater Linking system, and the Coastal Repeater Linking System.   DEHEN is supported by Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). and we conduct a monthly radio check by volunteers who are committed to support backup communications between Eastern NC Hospitals during times of emergency.  Last month 10 HAMs checked in from Jacksonville, New Bern, Tarboro, Washington and Greenville with additional participation from NewPort Skywarn, Greenville Fire and Rescue, mobile operators in addition to our operators at or near our hospitals including W4UHS here at Vidant Hospial.

73 Bob Hanrahan

On Line Repeater and frequency listing courtesy of Bob AF4QY:
Repeater listing:

GMRS Repeater

Call SignLocationRxTxToneAnalog / DigitalStatus
—-Tarboro462.600467.60067.0AnalogOn Air
Local 70cm Repeaters

The GMRS repeater is located on top of the current Edgecombe County DSS building in downtown Tarboro. This building was originally owned by Carolina Telephone Co. and the roof top tower/antenna was used for their fleet radio and paging system. Location: Corner of St James Street & St Andrew’s Street. Antenna: 8 bay dipole Height: 110’ above the ground (~160’ above sea level); Range: (approx) 20 miles radius. Power: 38W out of the duplexer.

Anyone holding a valid GMRS license issued by the FCC is granted access to use the repeater.

Every Sunday night at 8pm we hold a GMRS Net for anyone that is able to TX into the repeater. Newly licensed GMRS users & Guest to the area are encouraged to join in.

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