Web Links

Here are useful web links that many Hams use…

First, interesting local clubs…

Now some reference web sites…
  • American Radio Relay League: National parent organization, field day, contest.
  • QRZ: Amateur radio member’s listing and connections.
  • Echolink: Repeaters linking via internet.
  • FCC User Registration System: Start registration to get license.
  • Solar Activity/Space Weather: Sun spots activity affects signal propagation.
  • VOCAP: Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program information site.
  • WSPRnet: Weak Signal Propagation tool. See where your signals go.
  • N1MM: Free Open Source Logging software (PC)
  • FLDigi: Free Digital Mode Software (PC, Mac)
  • WSJT-X: Free Digital FT8/FT4 Weak Signal Mode Software (PC, Mac)
  • W4NPN: Hot Iron newsletter with all kinds of interesting articles and technical info.

Podcasts, YouTube, media sites:

Contests and misc sites:
Antenna Info:

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