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Experience building Unum transformers for RF antennas and feed lines.

Antenna Building 101

Well, what a weekend this was. Beautiful weather, temperature in the 70-80’s and a light breeze. I just did not put enough sun blocker on so I look like a lobster in the pot! David K1KK called and wanted to try out his new 60′ tall Spiderbeam pole and turn it into an 80 meterContinue reading “Antenna Building 101”


County hunting is addictive, it is the act of finding and making a contact in every county in the USA (3077). 

BARC EmComm Workgroup Notes

BARC EmComm Workgroup meeting notes for April 20, 2021 where we discuss how to coordinate and improve EmComm in Pitt county.

Tent Testing…

This is what happens when your XL goes to Sam’s Club and she says “look, I found a 18 x 10‘ tent is available for an incredible price. Even has LED lights inside.” So I get in the car go down there and check it out and sure enough we’re going home with one. IContinue reading “Tent Testing…”


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