Jack Kear, K4MI (SK), Bob Knapp, W4OMW (SK), Charlie Wells, K4SKI (SK), Lamar Reed, K4BPF, and Ray Davis (SK) were some that met to organize the Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club in 1967. Why the name Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club? According to Life Member Jack Kear, K4MI, one reason was that the tobacco companies would pay for the QSL cards if the name “Brightleaf” was used. There is more Brightleaf tobacco grown in Pitt County than any other county in the United States. (or was?)   The club call sign, W4AMC, was formerly held by Gilbert Smith (SK) of Robersonville, one of the Charter Members that helped organize the club. 

The 2020 Board of BARC.

President: Dave Wood info@w4amc.com
Vice Pres#1: Peter Van Houten
Vice Pres#2: Lou Demko
Treasurer: Jim Lowe treasurer@w4amc.com
Secretary: Gary Coriell
Trustee#1: Bill Dawson
Trustee#2: Terry Monday
Webmaster: David Meeks webmaster@w4amc.com
Newsletter Editor: Dave Langley HamChatter@w4amc.com
Equipment/QSL: Richard Campbell QSL-VE@w4amc.com
Field Day: Gary Coriell
Public Relations: Pat Williams
VE Liaison: Gary Coriell QSL-VE@w4amc.com
Call Sign Trustee: Bill Dawson (W4AMC/W1VOA/W4UHS)



Emergency Communication Trailer ready for action should it be needed.

Frequency agile with 2 meter FM, 70cm FM, Packet, 2 HF with two antennas (Tarheel & Hygain inverted “V”), Marine band, Aircraft monitoring and SW receiver.

Modes available: Voice, CW, Digital.

Power: External plug in, deep cycle battery, solar on roof, 2kw generator.

Other features: Antenna ports to external environment, heat reflective roof paint, grounding system, army secretary desk.

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