Next Meeting:

June 8, 2021, 7pm on Zoom: Judy Taber (W3JUU) and the YL’s of the club will organize our Field Day that is set up to be done at Oakwood School “Sadie Hawkins” style. This is where the ladies organize and tell the men what to do! Everyone come and help set this up OR YOU WILL BE RAILROADED INTO SOME JOB! We will get together with masks on unless we get 70% vaccinated and have “herd immunity”. We are at 65% of our members are vaccinated already. We will have another station in the ARES (EmComm) trailer for those that want to participate and want to be outside. Dinner will be socially distanced all the way down the long main hall or in the gymnasium. Unfortunately no one can guarantee that you will not pick up a virus but it is not likely as the state Covid mandates are being removed as we speak. Finally we can have a REAL FIELD DAY! Let’s participate and enjoy. We will need a head count for dinner and do you plan on coming, so send me a message via the contact page.

Be there or be square! Thank you to Byron K4BMH for being the program chair and arranging the programs for the year.

Member meeting: the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM
Brightleaf Emergency Communication Workgroup: third Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM
BARC board meeting: the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM.

Due to Covid-19, in person meetings have been moved to Zoom virtual meeting. This has had a positive effect as we are able to invite speakers that could otherwise not come to the meeting in person but can visit virtually. Invites with the Zoom Meeting Number and Password will be emailed to all members the day before the meeting. Our Vice President is in charge of setting up the meeting. We have to thank Lou Demko for the fine job he did in 2020. Some of the past meetings were recorded and are on Vimeo here. We look forward to Byron Highland to coordinate the 2021 meetings.

Looking forward to in-person meetings possibly starting with the June 2021 Field Day meeting, if the Governor allows it. From then on we will try a combination meeting where we meet at a conference room but have Zoom running and projected onto the screen as well so that the speaker and members that cannot be in the room, can join and participate remotely. We will all be present in the meeting one way or another! (ain’t technology grand!)

Past Meeting videos:

May 11th, 2021, on Zoom. Gary Faust N4PIR presented his POTA (Parks On The Air) experience running QRP (Low power of 5 watts) going out to a park and activating the station. Where he is spotted brings “hunters” that look for activated parks on the air creating a “pileup” of radio amateurs calling trying to make a contact there. It is a challenge to set up a minimalist station and get it to work well on portable low power equipment and on battery power.

April 13th, 2021, 7:00pm on Zoom. Presentation by Elixander Valladares W7HU AKA Alex. He will be our April Guest. Alex will discuss growing up in Cuba and involving himself in the hobby from his teens. He decided that he wanted to explore the opportunities that were available in the USA, but for this, he had to sneak out of Cuba on a homemade raft. Eventually, on his second attempt he did make his way successfully to the US, although not without quite a few stops along the way. Being a member of the ham radio world provided a certain amount of protection on his journey and helped him to get settled in the US.

March 9th, 2021, Presentation by Will Jourdain AA4WJ of ICOM America on the new technology that is being developed at Icom on the new IC705. Great Q&A discussion for 45 minutes at the end of the presentation about the capabilities of the radio and D-Star etc. WARNING: you will want one of these radios after seeing this video!

February 12, 2021: Tom Brown (N4TAB) talked about  “EmComm in NC”. Tom is very active for years in EmComm. He is currently NC RACES Officer, NC ARES SEC, NC AUXCOMM Coordinator, NC COML as his positions. Links for the FEMA National Incident Management System (NIMS): (Free ICS courses we need 100, 200, 700, 800 to qualify to work in any emergency.)

Tom Brown talks about EmComm

January 12, 2021: Matt McMahon talking about the Down East Repeaters and DMR.

Matt in the EmComm vehicle.
Matt using the Em Com Vehicle

November 2020: Elecraft meeting with co-founder Eric Swartz talking about the technology in the new K4 radio.

Eric giving the technical insight to the new K4 HF radio.

September 2020 Meeting: Marv Hoffman talk on ARRL and the future of Amateur Radio.

Marv tells it like it is…

Unknown Signal: Please identify this signal in the comments below.

10KHz wide signal heard in MD & NC on 40m band.

April 2020 Meeting: Brian Harrison’s discussion of the final flight of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan.

May 2020 Meeting: Brian Harrison’s presentation of the FCC’s Radio Intelligence Division in WWII.

Vimeo link to BARC Ham Radio Meetings and Videos here.

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