New Required RF Exposure Evaluation

As of May 3, 2023, all amateur radio operators must evaluate their station for RF exposure and keep this form in your records in case of a FCC audit. It’s on the honor system but all it takes is one person reporting your antenna and the FCC may check if you did your evaluation or not.

There are links below for a calculator to figure out your home system. If you want to geek out as hams do and want more in depth explanation of things as well as a walk through on the calculator, Ria N2RJ (formerly of ARRL) has a YouTube video explaining it all. Since there is some question regarding dBi versus dBd with antennas, I have also included another video of Ria actually explaining this difference.  I made a note when these things start so you don’t have to sit through it all if you don’t want to.

See Ria video on how to do so.    at 12:25 she goes into how to use the calculator.  (To understand dBi versus dBd –   at 4:25 she goes into dBi versus dBd)

Ria’s Preferred calculators:

(based on the excellent work of Wayne Overbeck N6NB) (this one tells you yes or no if you’re in compliance)

ARRL RF Exposure Calculator:

73, Judy W3JUU.

(Photo of VOA antenna array at site B, courtesy of WB4PMQ)

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