Morserino 32 adventure

In an effort to learn Morse code even better, I’ve had recommendations to try out the Morserino. It is a micro processor based Morse code machine that will be an automatic iambic keyer as well as sending and receiving Morse code. It has Wi-Fi and LowRA transmission capabilities where you could communicate between two ofContinue reading “Morserino 32 adventure”

Late Breaking News (BARC Style!)

============================ Larry Schwarz, W4RHY, (SK) Larry Schwarz, W4RHY, (SK), 67, passed away February 1, 2019.  He is listed in the Silent Keys in the June 2021 issue of QST.  He lived in Winterville before moving back to Fayetteville.  He was very active in the Pitt County area with his Amateur Radio.  He had a computerContinue reading “Late Breaking News (BARC Style!)”