Grifton 2 meter Repeater Repairs


My name is Pete Wene, WA5T, and I am the Trustee for the 146.685 2 meter repeater owned and operated by the E.N.C. Repeater Inc…..fondly referred to as the “Grifton 2 meter Repeater.”  As you may or may not know, the repeater has not been operating optimally for several years now.  We lost our receive antenna thus limiting its operational range/footprint.  It currently receives off a ¼ wave coax stub.  The ENC has purchased a new antenna and has it on hand, also we have a new repeater. controller, and link radio to replace the old equipment currently installed on the WNCT/WITN TV Tower in Grifton. 

The receive antenna is at the 1600 foot level and per the tower owners it takes specially qualified individuals with a $5 million bond to work on the tower.  

So here is our dilemma…..we have not been able to find anyone qualified to do the tower work within our limited budget.  The last quote we got was for $2500… day’s work.  The E.N.C. Repeater Inc has a very limited bank account, which would be depleted in less than one day.  Due in part to COVID and limited budget we have not been able to make the necessary repairs.  We want to move forward with this project as soon as we can.

Over the past several years our membership has dwindled significantly.  To help offset the cost of doing all the work we are soliciting donations from all clubs in Eastern North Carolina as well as trying to increase our member base.  An increased membership base will help in the out years but our need is now.  Any help would be most appreciated and go a long way to service the Eastern North Carolina Amateur Radio community and provide an emergency service asset.  Membership applications as well as donations can be sent directly to our Secretary/Treasurer David Burt, 1425 Harris Ct., Cary, NC 27511

Membership in the ENC Repeater Inc has minimal involvement at best.  We hold one meeting a year to elect officers and board members, usually in the spring, and one for a cook-out gathering in the fall.  Attached is a membership application.  Please see this email gets the widest dissemination.  If you have any question please email me. 

73, Peter M. Wene, WA5T

President KARS
ENC Trustee
Member SCARS
Member NBARC

Please fill out the application and send in as much as you can afford to support the repair of one of the most available repeaters in Eastern NC.

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One thought on “Grifton 2 meter Repeater Repairs

  1. Peter, Pete and David BARC Membership:

    Just a quick comment, I’ve been a member of the ENC Repeater Association since about 1987. The Grifton machine, when operating optimally covers a huge chunk of eastern North Carolina. I urge people to financially support this repeater AND the Pitt County Repeater Association.

    One thing I noticed when looking at the ENC application is the Dues. Family Membership is not an additional $15. The $15 covers everyone in the same household. In other words, $15 for 1 or several.

    Peter, thank you for posting Pete’s letter!

    73 all!


    Byron Highland, K4BMH
    Vice President
    ENC REPEATER Association, Inc.


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