AuxComm Training Potential

I attended the Columbia Emergency Repeater Association meeting this past Saturday and spoke with Jim Bailey, N4ACT of Nags Head about AUXCOMM.  AUXCOMM is a program the Department of Homeland Security created to ensure adequate communicators are available to assist Emergency Management when needed.  Anyone interested in joining AUXCOMM must be trained, first with online courses from FEMA, and once those have been passed, an in-person 3 day course.

The FEMA online courses are ICS100, ICS200, ICS700, and ICS800.  These courses are updated regularly and before attending AUXCOMM training, your FEMA training must be from the currently available courses.

Currently the in-person AUXCOMM course is only offered in Caldwell County NC. Jim is working with NCEM to offer the class in eastern NC, but there needs to be sufficient demand for the class before they will offer it.  If you are interested in the AUXCOMM training please contact Jim Bailey, N4ACT at or (252) 480-3065.

– Scott James, K9SPJ

ICS 100 Course link and other courses mentioned above:

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One thought on “AuxComm Training Potential

  1. Thank you Peter,
    I just emailed him. My next step was taking that class but none were around here that I knew of.

    Judy W3JUU


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