Field Day 2022

At Oakwood School, radio room as we have done in past years.
Starting June 24th Friday after work 5pm – 8pm.
Set up on Saturday June 25th at 8am – 2pm.
Operate from Saturday 2pm 6/25 until Sunday 2pm 6/26.
Dinner Saturday 6pm. Breakfast Sunday 8am.
Take down on Sunday 2pm until it is put away.

Pre-FD Work Day to prepare the trailers for FD: Sat. 6/11/22 @ 9AM
At Emerald Hill Farm, (done!).
BARC-ARES trailer w inverted “V” antenna

Chairperson: Beth KN4FZB.

Please attend the coordinating BARC Membership meeting on June 14th 2022, 7pm at Oakwood School for more details.

FD 2021 operating 3A at Oakwood School

For those Hams not in Greenville, NC, check out the ARRL’s web page to find a FD site.

Please comment here about your ideas for field day, how do you want your field day to be? We want everyone to get a chance to use the stations and get on the air.

BARC: 3 Alpha (below are the three stations) & GOTA station (Get On The Air, first come/first served in Ares Trailer for all interested non hams).

Here is a sign up list for stations and modes that members would like to work so that everyone gets an opportunity to get on the air. We will try and keep the three stations on their assigned modes but, for an example, if there is no CW operator, we can change that station temporarily to SSB rather than letting stay silent. In this example, CW on that rig would have priority if there is a CW operator wanting to operate. This holds true for all three stations and modes. If you sign up, you get priority to operate at that time on that mode! Send an email to me and I will put your name on the list. Let me know your call sign, which hours and what mode you would like to operate. Here is the list so far:

TimeSSB stationCW stationFT8 station
2 pm
3 pm
4 pm
5 pm
6 pmDinnerDinnerDinner
7 pm
8 pm
9 pm
10 pm
11 pm
12 am
1 am
2 am
3 am
4 am
5 am
6 am
7 am
8 am
9 am
10 am
11 am
12 pm
Sign up sheet to reserve a spot on the radio and mode of your choice. You do not have to sign up
but if someone has signed up, they get priority on that station!.

Last Years Field Day Report HERE…


It looks like we are going to try and have a grill for hamburgers, hot dogs, Brats and what ever… for dinner. Please coordinate with Beth (send an email to her as to what you are brining) as we need potato salad, desserts, drinks, snacks and other items.

Breakfast may be coffee, doughnuts and Strada (egg casserole with sausage, vegetables and cheese, baked to perfection) for those hearty souls that stayed on the graveyard shift (11pm – 6am).

Need a cot or two to allow some sleep at the site, possibly in the music room.

List of positions (so far):

  • FD Char person:  Beth KN4FZB
  • Safety Officer:  Judy W3JUU
  • Antennas, feed lines:  Peter N4PVH, Bernie WA4MOK
  • Radio Station Set up: Dave W4EJ
  • Meals:  Beth KN4FZB & ???
  • Computer & Logging set up: Scott K9SPJ
  • Submitting the logs to ARRL: Richard W4JNC
  • Public Relations:  ?
  • Set Up, Operators & Tear Down: ALL MEMBERS PLEASE!

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  1. I hope to have some signs ready by 5pm we can put out at the road to help folks find us. (Reusable for other events if treated with care.)

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