Tent Testing…

This is what happens when your XL goes to Sam’s Club and she says “look, I found a 18 x 10‘ tent is available for an incredible price. Even has LED lights inside.” So I get in the car go down there and check it out and sure enough we’re going home with one. I decided today to test it out and see how fast can I put it up and take it down. You can watch the sped up video and realize that it was 29 minutes unpacking it and trying to figure out what goes where without instructions (they were on the inside of the bag). I did it all by myself to see how long would it take. Now that I know what the pieces are and what they look like, it would be a lot quicker. Probably be up in 15 minutes. Here is the 90 second compressed video:

A 12 person tent put up by one and a dog (dog approved)

I then decided to take it down and see if I could do better (20 min). My dog seemed to say “where is that nice dog house you just put up? Why did you put it away?” Here is the 60 second video:

My dog thinks I have gone mad…

The tent is light weight and easy to put up or take down by one person. Inside there are 5 screened windows and two “doors” as well as a LED dome light built in and a curtain divider between the two rooms. The central height is 6’8″ coming down to 6′ at the walls. The entire ceiling is a screen that then has a “fly” covering it for rain protection but allows great circulation. Everything comes in the bag that weighs about 50 lbs with everything in it including the floor.

For Amateur Radio “Field Day”, it would be great as it keeps the bugs out, the rain off of your head and equipment. You could have two full stations in there or one sleeping area and one operating station. Great stuff for camping also.

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