BARC EmComm Workgroup Notes

April 20, 2021

Present: Doug Ferris K4ROK, Beth González KN4FZB, Byron Highland K4BMH, Bernard Nobles WA4MOK, Mark Raysin KG4GVJ, Judy Taber W3JUU, Peter Van Houten N4PVH


Byron will contact Randy Gentry (EC for Pitt Co.). At this point, we want to find out: 1. What equipment and training the county would like us to have, and 2. How to get into the shelter sites to check operating positions and equipment. 

We need to consider new/back up coax for the shelter sites.

Bernard will try to get us an EmComm field trip to the East Branch EOC site in Kinston and is gathering info from the Columbia repeater group.

We need to talk with Matt Mcmahon about operating requirements for this area, digital, voice, equipment, modes, etc. Matt is especially knowledgeable in Winlink.

Still considering a repeater for the ARES trailer, but will postpone any purchases until we have more information regarding the county’s needs.

All group members are encouraged to complete the ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800 classes. Additionally, please create an account at and register your certifications.

It is suggested that members go to , initiate your account, and begin familiarizing yourself with the email function.

Let’s learn, train, and be as pro-active as we can.

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