KA6LMS going QRT!!!

For the fans of the TV show “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen, this is the last season of the show and the last episode will air on March 30th, 2021. The Director and Tim Allen has a fully functioning amateur radio station on the show that they use in the show and afterwords. The Last Man Standing special event station will be operating from March 24, 2021 00:00 UTC and ending at 23:59 UTC on March 30, 2021. This coincides with the last day of shooting for the TV Show, concluding its long run. This will be an all-mode, all-band event. The QSL cards will be collector items so get on the bands and “git one”!
During the TV Shows nine seasons, the Last Man Standing Amateur Radio Club operated as KA6LMS from real radios on the set during production breaks and contacted many amateur radio operator fans. During this event, there will be several callsigns on the various modes to contact. Check online at http://gsbarc.org/lms/  for more information.

This is a video interview with John Amodeo from Last Man Standing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RmhtCb-m20

Thanks to Judy W3JUU for writing this article. More info from the web page:

Going QRT with a bang! KA6LMS SPECIAL EVENT

If you’re a fan of Tim Allen’s TV series Last Man Standing, you’ll have a final
chance to contact the show’s Amateur Radio Club station before it goes QRT.
The weeklong KA6LMS radio special event starts on March 24 at 00:00 UTC and runs through 23:59 UTC on March 30, which is the show’s final day of shooting.
This will be an all-mode, all-band event.
Fans will have the opportunity to work the bonus 1-by-1 stations; K6L, K6M, K6S, W6L, W6M and W6S.
Stations from every call sign area will operate as KA6LMS/0 through KA6LMS/9, providing nationwide coverage.
The remote operators are a virtual “who’s-who” of ham celebrities, contesters
and podcasters. Many will livestream their operations.
Check spotting sites like DXSummit for pop-up operations on any day and at any time during the event week.
We expect the “on-stage” radios to be in operation from the studio in California
on Saturday, March 27th at 18:00 UTC using 20 Meters and on Sunday at 22:00
UTC using 40 Meters.
Remote stations will act as relays to give everyone an opportunity to make
contact with the stage.
If you’re a fan of digital modes, Saturday, March 27th is your day.
At 17:00 UTC – KA6LMS will be using D-STAR on reflector 12 Alpha, hosted by
the PAPA Repeater System.
At 19:00 UTC – The D-STAR action moves to reflector 30 Bravo, hosted by
Georgia D-STAR.
At 23:00 UTC – Amateur Logic.TV will host the
Using: Allstar, DMR via Brandmeister, D-Star, NXDN, P25, Echolink, Hamshack
Hotline, Wires-X and Yaesu System Fusion. A livestream of this activation will
be available at: http://live.amateurlogic.tv

KA6LMS QSL cards will be available for stations who contact the stage directly
or through relay stations. Special event certificates including “Clean Sweep”
endorsements will be available via download.
The KA6LMS radio event is sponsored by the Great South Bay Amateur Radio
Club’s 12 Days of Christmas and K2Heros teams, in association with Amateur
Logic.TV, The PAPA Repeater System and Georgia D-STAR
For more information go to http://www.gsbarc.org/lms/

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