Brightleaf Emergency Communications Workgroup (BECW)

Recently, the Brightleaf Emcomm Workgroup met to discuss reviving the emergency communications aspect of our club. Any interested members are welcome to join. Members present were KN4FZB, W3JUU, WA4MOK, K4BMH, AC4JL, KG4GVJ, N4PVH. Some of the points that came out of the meeting include:

1-Our interested members need to take the ICS classes 100, 200, 700, 800. These are available online at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute at During any emergency that happens, these classes will be needed.

2- Byron (K4BMH), by default or railroad, is the Brightleaf Emergency Coordinator. He will coordinate with Pitt County Emergency manager Randy Gentry, and Eastern Branch AuxComm Coordinator Ed Wafford.

3- The group would like to visit the EOC in Kinston and check out the radios and antennas.

4- We need to generate an organizational chart including links to outside agencies and points of contact.

5- We need to review jump kits for 2m and 70cm.

6- Need to visit official shelters and survey the sites to determine if antennas are still in good working order and appropriately placed. Renew/update the information manuals that Dave (KG4CZV) made when he was BARC president.

7- Consider purchasing and installing a repeater (Analog and D-star) on the VOA site C tower (Talk to ECU). We will also talk to Matt (WU2V) about what is available. Evaluate the D-star system as is not a proprietary system, it was designed by amateurs for amateur radio and can pass voice, images and text documents on the network.

8- Need to create opportunities to train members in emergency communications.

9- Bernie (WA4MOK) will visit the Columbia repeater group and re-establish ties with them.

10- Judy (W3JUU) will contact the coastal linking net. 

11- BECW (Brightleaf Emergency Communications Workgroup) will meet on the third Tues of the month at 7pm on Zoom.

12- Other documents we need to generate/stock: ICS forms, list/map of repeaters and PL tones, SOP book and equipment instructions for the ARES trailer. Need to replace the 2kw Generator in the trailer with a Honda (less RF noise).

Thanks to Beth (KN4FZB) for the notes and organization, 73 Peter

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One thought on “Brightleaf Emergency Communications Workgroup (BECW)

  1. Chuckle, need to warn Judy of screen shot so she can be in it better next time.

    VOA Site repeater, If allowed, may wish to consider a safe good way to secure repeater in place and mark outside of containment as Property of BARC and contact info. Same with the repeater(s) along with a file with photos and information (Serial Numbers, etc) of contents kept somewhere in case of theft. Possible containment may be a Construction Job Box modified for good ventilation and secured to wall or floor.


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