Winter Field Day: Jan 30th UPDATE!

Winter field day came and went!!! David (K1KK) and I (N4PVH) participated in the emergency communication exercises that is just like a regular field day but just a little colder and simpler! Here is the PDF of the rules that are quite simple. We can work as individuals or small groups (due to covid restrictions) but use your call sign but enter “Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club” under the “Club” section of the cabrillo log file to be send to Winter Field Day (WFD). That way we get an individual score and a club score. You can operate INSIDE, OUTSIDE or at HOME station (see rules). Download the rules for information on the bands, scoring, etc… Take note for next year!

David K1KK doing Contest CW

Saturday noon, David and I met at the farm and checked out the antenna situation. We decided to be 1H NC as our exchange and submit our call signs as individuals. We used a Carolina Windom (like a G5RV) and the Hustler 5BTV vertical rather than putting up other antennas as Sunday was going to be awful weather. 2:00pm came and we started collecting contacts. He was using 20m for CW and I was on 40m phone band. After a while we switched bands and carried on. We both did CW and phone on each band, increasing the multipliers of the score. David managed to get close to 200 contact and I made 59. We had home made spaghetti sauce on tortellini for dinner Saturday night and a large sausage and vegetable omelet for breakfast Sunday morning. David went home Saturday night and I threatened to continue scoring contacts all night while he was gone. He had no fear of me passing his score as when he went home, I cleaned up the dishes and crashed asleep immediately! Logs were submitted Sunday afternoon after we had finished up. All in all, a fun time was had as it was a low stress Field Day. If the weather was better, more outdoor antenna building activity would have resulted. I got flack for using a CW reader as my CW decoding ability is in “intensive care” and hopefully will recover soon (with lots more practice). I did note that the “CW expert” was using mostly a keyboard to send code however! I guess some automation is ok? Of course he was going at 30 words per minute. Ahh well, may be one day!
73 Peter N4PVH.

N4PVH using a CW reader! (Bad Boy?)
“Yes, I know my own call sign!”

Also you can go to the web page to submit your logs at We all should participate for only 24 hours from Saturday Jan 30th, 1900 UTC (2PM local) to Sunday Jan 31st, 1900 UTC. Don’t forget to put the club name in your submitted file! DONE!

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