Here are a collection of podcasts and web sites that are Amateur Radio related. They have different view points and sources of information. Many are on YouTube or have their own web pages. I may or may not agree with all the information or opinions but I have enjoyed several episodes and gotten something out of each. Try it out and see…

ENCYCLOPEDIA:  Ask David Casler   https://www.youtube.com/user/davecasler

KE0OG does a wonderful series of YouTube videos on everything amateur radio. He does an “Ask Dave!” segment where he explains different topics in short videos. If you do not know something, check this YouTube channel out as probably he has done a video on it. There are also license videos for the Technician/General/Extra class tests. His episode #301 talks on how to run an amateur radio club and has some great insights. If you are studying for your ham license, he can help! Check it out and subscribe.

NEWS:  ICQ Podcast      https://www.icqpodcast.com

Every two weeks they get together and have a roundtable meeting to discuss the Amateur related new events having each of the members comment on the item. Then there is a “feature” of where they review radios, hardware or a service. They have been at is for about 12 years or 340 episodes to date. You can get the episodes where ever you get your podcasts or from their web page. Quite entertaining and thought provoking. Free but donations are accepted.

MORSE CODE:   Morse Code Ninja     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXrTMfMEhkC9rVyQNU5aZlA

Kurt Zoglmann taught himself to go at incredible morse code speeds. I first met him on CW Academy course that he was helping teach. I like his sound tracks that are on YouTube and subscribe to his feed so that I get the latest releases. If you are trying to improve your code speed, listen to this and see if it helps, after all it is free.

Exam Prep: HamTestOnLine. https://www.hamradiolicenseexam.com/

This method of studying for exams is fantastic. I was not able to pass the extra for a year, mainly because I didn’t put in the time to study it. But they allowed me to renew my subscription and finally it took me a few months, but I passed it. I have only them to thank for helping me get it done. Check them out because for a minimum price they can really help you pass the test that you’re trying to pass.

VIDEO or PODCAST:  "100 Watts and a Wire"  YouTube or Podcast

Welcome to 100 Watts and a Wire! All ham radio enthusiasts are welcome. Look for the live stream each Saturday at 10a Central. New videos are posted each week. So, poke around the playlists. After you subscribe, click the notification bell. 73! de, K0STH. A talk show with interesting interviews and commentary on amateur radio.


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A ham since 2002, now finally made it to Extra! President of Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club.

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