BARC Peer Awards & Elections

Yearly in November, the membership of Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club not only elects their officers and board members but also the peer awards.

Recent Past Ham of the Year recipients:
2018: Peter Van Houten
2019: Dave Wood
2020: Dave Langley
2021: Jim Lowe

A list of past recipients from 1989 – 2020 is located here:
The award recipients are selected because of their outstanding performance or station in the club. Here is a list of the awards:

Ham of the Year:

The individual that has contributed the most to the club and the advancement of the Amateur Radio hobby. Past recipients are not eligible for 3 years. Considered the top honor award.

Elmer of the Year:

The teacher of amateur radio hobby transferring knowledge and experience to others.

New Ham of the Year:

The new ham (got a license in the last 2 years) that has recently joined and started to participate in club activities.

YL of the Year (Young Lady):

Any lady that has helped the club through out the year.

OM of the Year (Old Man):

Any OM that has helped the club through out the year.

BARC Officer Positions

The BARC Board sets up a slate of nominations to be ready by the November meeting so that the membership can vote on it. Write in candidates are accepted but need to be sent into the board to be put on the ballot in time for the meeting. The board must have at least 4 voting members present at the board meetings to have a quorum. The board member position below should only be occupied by one member in one one position at a time. The following are voting positions and should be present on the last Tuesday of the month board meeting.


A two year term usually, elected every year. After two years of service, the previous president is not eligible for a year. A voting board member. Runs the Membership and Board meetings monthly. Coordinates the other officers to get projects and jobs done. A leadership position.

Vice President:

Assists the president and fills in if the president is not available. helps and runs projects. Coordinates, schedules and maintains contact with the speakers for the membership meetings. A voting board member.

Please note that the former two VP slots have been combined into one as there was difficulty filling the position by BARC Board approval 9/28/22.


Writes the checks, gets the mail from the PO box, deposits dues and funds to the account at the bank. Keeps the roster up to date. Gives a financial report at the board meetings. A voting board member.


Maintains the board minutes, generated a report for the hamchatter, handles all correspondence. A voting board member.

Trustee #1 & #2:

Attends all board meetings. Can step into any vital position that is unfilled and to help provide continuity for the club. Usually is assigned to the outgoing president and previous trustees. A voting board member.

Non Voting Officers

Volunteers selected by the board to fill these positions. Non voting positions but should be present at the board meeting. One individual can have multiple appointments below.

Ham Chatter Editor:

Editor and publisher of the club newsletter “Ham Chatter”.


Runs the web page, published articles, blogs and designs the BARC web pages.

VE Liason:

Coordinates the education and testing of the VE program.

QSL Manager:

Deals with any QSL card requests, field day and contest log submissions.

Public Relations:

Deals with the public requests for information, coordinates field day visits by public figures (Mayor, Governor, Senator etc…), Press releases for our activities, writes short blog articles for the web page.

Field Day Coordinator:

“Chief in charge” of running and coordinating our field day activities.

EmComm Coordinator:

Runs and coordinates emergency activities (ARES, RACES, EmComm etc) and if there is an emergencies. Sets up emergency education events, certification testing, etc.

Here is the Slate so far (Sept. 30th, 2022). Please let a board member know if you would like to nominate someone or volunteer for a position. You can write in a name anywhere but first check with the person you are nominating that they are willing to serve.

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