80th Anniversary of VOA

On February 1st 1942 was the first transmission from Voice of America stations in the USA to Europe to correct the propaganda and misinformation that Nazi Germany was broadcasting to the world. They committed to telling the truth even if it was good or bad. The highest ideals of journalism would be maintained to fight propaganda with truth and trust. For 80 years, this organization has fought fake news and informed the world through unbiased radio. For much of the world population, VOA was the only source they could get reports that they could trust. Today, this mission is even more vital to the peace of the globe.

30th Anniversary Medal – front
30th Anniversary Medal – back

30th anniversary medal was found in an antique store by my wife and given as a Christmas present. Now we are 50 years later and the importance of their mission is still very high as millions of people around the globe rely on the VOA for unbiased reporting via shortwave radios.

80th Special Event

To honor this 80 year commitment, three stations have been invited by VOA to be “special event stations” in the amateur radio bands with the call signs of W3V (VOA in Washington DC), W8O (VOA Museum in West Chester, Ohio), W4A (VOA in Greenville, NC) where the suffix of the calls spell out “VOA“. This event is scheduled to start on February 19th and 20th, from 9am-5pm each day eastern time.

3 special event stations.

Local ham operators: please volunteer for at least a two hour run on one of the three modes (CW, SSB, FT8) on one of the three bands (20, 40, 80m). You can switch as you would like and how the bands are open or closed. Please test your logging software by exporting an ADIF file and send it to me. If this can be done then we will be able to handle all the contacts and get the QSL cards out. We need to record CALL, NAME, RST, (time, band, and mode should be recorded automatically by N1MM software). The logging software needs to have the station ID as “W4A” and the Operator needs to be your personal call sign. Operators, please use the special call “W4A” but once each 1/2 hour you must ID yourself as “This is (your call) running the special event station W4A celebrating the 80th anniversary of the first transmission from the VOA”. CW and FT8 operators can add “VOA 80 W4A” to one of the macro text messages.

Announcement From February 2022 QST Magazine using ZULU Date & Time


This event will start Saturday February 19th at 9am to 5pm (Eastern Time) and go through to Sunday February 20th at 9am to 5pm, 2022 (Eastern Time).

Bands & Modes

Operating modes will be SSB, CW, Digital (FT8) on 20, 40, 80 meter bands. SSB will start at 14,280 / 7,280 / 3,880 MHz and move up or down to a clear frequency. CW frequencies will be in the CW-General portion of each band. Check DxSpots to find us at a specific time. FT8 will be on the FT8 frequencies on each band as set by WSJT-X software.


Please check DxHeat.com to find the stations.


Amateur radio stations that contact the VOA stations will get an electronic QSL card via email from each special event station automatically if their email is correct on QRZ.com. An electronic Certificate will also be sent in PDF format that has contact acknowledgement and information on the stations. Stations that wish to get the paper QSL cards should contact the VOA stations directly and send SASE’s. The cards will be mailed after the event.


Please tune into “Ham Nation” that aired on Feb. 16, 2022 at 9pm where we were interviewed about this event.
Other outlets include “Ham Talk Live” and possibly at QSO Today.

Ham Talk Live” with Neil Rapp episode #289, 2/17/22.

Tune into the live stream on YouTube channel “Coffee and Ham Radios” Link below. 
The show aired at 10:00am Sunday, February 6th, 2022.

Coffee and Ham Radios – YouTube Come join the fun with the friendliest group of hams this side of The Zed. We host weekly shows every Saturday and Sunday morning at 9:00AM Central, we’ll cover topics on every aspect of Ham Radio …www.youtube.com

Please call or write and volunteer to be part of the 80th anniversary special event. We need radio operators, help getting out the QSL’s and many other jobs. Many thanks to all the people that helped make this event possible but a special shout out to Jocelyn KD8VRX of the West Chester station, Marc K3POE of Washington DC, Macon WB4PMQ and Peter N4PVH of Greenville.

VOA 80th History from the organization:


Operators, please use the special call “W4A” but once each 1/2 hour you must ID yourself as “This is (your call) running the special event station W4A celebrating the 80th anniversary of the first transmission from the VOA”.
CW and FT8 operators can add “VOA 80 W4A” to one of the macro text messages.
Local operators can coordinate using the W4GDF repeater 147.090 MHz.

Sat. 2/19/229amW4EJW3LPR
Sun 2/20/22
Volunteer Operators so far!

Please send an email to info@w4amc.com to sign up to be an operator for our W4A station.

Internet Articles about VOA:

A tour of VOA Site B in Greenville, NC:

VOA Site C and towers of NC:

ECU Western Research Campus (Formerly VOA site C):

Stopping points in NC:

VOA News online:

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