JOTA at Greeville, NC

On October 16, 2021, and intrepid crew of three took the Brightleaf amateur radio club’s communication trailer to Winterville. They set it up to be able to communicate with the world for the Cub Scouts, Boy and Girl Scouts to allow them to get radio experience (radio merit badges are for Scouts). Those involved were Jim Lowe (AC4JL), Bernie Nobles (WA4MOK) and Mark Raysin (KG4GVJ). JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) is a world wide scouting event.

Once the trailer was set up, there were about 30 kids that came to the event. Many of them manage to talk on the radios and at least see what local repeater communications look like as well as HF communications around the world. Many questions were answered and new experiences doled out to those willing to do it. There were initial problems with getting the generator to run so battery power was used until Mark set up his portable solar panel.

Thanks to Richard L. Cannon, III for asking us to participate in the event. Glad to do it.

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One thought on “JOTA at Greeville, NC

  1. Peter, Cub Scouts do not have Merit Badges. That is in Scouts ( once known as Boy Scouts), Cub Scouts is a early start in Scouting, different perspective as it were.

    Mark, KG4GVJ

    Thank you Mark, blog has been corrected. Peter.


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