Richard Cox, W4CRD – SK

ON OCTOBER 28TH, 2021 our dear friend became a silent key (SK). The Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club expresses our deepest condolences to the family and friends. The Board of BARC purchased a cluster of three trees to be planted in his honor.

In memory of Richard Cox.

Dave W4YDY wrote the “Meet the Member” section of the Ham Chatter highlighting Richard published November 2004. Richard was BARC Secretary for 2005 & 2006 (scanning the old Ham Chatters). Here is the section reprinted:

Hamchatter, November 2004

Richard is one of the new members of BARC and Amateur Radio. He joined BARC in November 2003 and has been a very active member attending meetings. He has been nominated for BARC Secretary for 2005. Richard really became interested in Amateur Radio in the summer of 2003. He received his Technician license in October 2003 and his call, KI4CRD. He received his General license in November 2003. Over the course of his career, he was exposed to a number of hams that tried to interest in the hobby but he said he always gave the “dumb” answer “I am a professional why would I want to become an amateur”. An old friend of Richard’s, Fred Thomson, W3BKR, who was first licensed when he was about 13, got him interested during a visit the summer of 2003. He studied on his own and passed the Tech exam and then a month later went to a hamfest in Benson where he passed the code and General test.

His equipment consists of a Yaesu FT840, Yeasu SP-6 with a MFJ941E tuner. His antennas are a dipole and a Hustler 4 band vertical. For 2 meter operation, he has a Yaesu FT1500 transceiver. He prefers operating SSB with a little CW. Richard is originally from Hueytown, Alabama. His home is in Grifton after living in some ‘faraway’ places such as California, Washington, DC, Rhode Island, Virginia and Florida. He was in the US Navy from 1955 to 1974 from which he retired as a Chief Radioman. He later worked for the
for the Commonwealth of Virginia from 1978 to 1996. He is presently a Property Manager for a local Real Estate firm. He received Associated Degrees in finance in 1986 and Computers in 2001. Richard married his childhood sweetheart, Jackie, 48 years ago and they have three grown daughters, four grandsons, 1 granddaughter and great-granddaughter.
Now he has to get some of them interested in Amateur Radio and get their license. BARC always like to involve new members to help with the club duties and BARC is lucky to have members that will step up and help run the club. Richard is one of those. – W4YDY

“May you ride the airwaves forever, 73 Peter.”

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A ham since 2002, now finally made it to Extra! President of Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club.

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