Late Breaking News (BARC Style!)


Larry Schwarz, W4RHY, (SK)

Larry Schwarz, W4RHY, (SK), 67, passed away February 1, 2019.  He is listed in the Silent Keys in the June 2021 issue of QST.  He lived in Winterville before moving back to Fayetteville.  He was very active in the Pitt County area with his Amateur Radio.  He had a computer bulletin board for a while with lots of programs for downloading and chatting.  When the internet became popular in the mid 90s, he shut down the bulletin board and all the others soon disappeared.  He spent his last few years in Greenville working at Batteries Plus Bulbs as a technician repairing battery packs and other duties.  His boss, Tim Parkin said, “Larry was the best tech we ever had at Batteries Plus Bulbs in Greenville.  His knowledge was extensive and he taught me how to do things the right way and best way. He could fix anything that came in.  He is greatly missed.”  

It’s a fact that he helped many in the area with his knowledge.  He will be missed by many.  BARC extends its condolences to his family and friends.


Hollis Thigpen, KC3X, earns another tough award

Hollis, KC3X, Snow Hill, former BARC member earned Award #5 for working all 3077 counties for the TWELFTH Time on May 21, 2021.  That’s contacting counties over 36,900 times just to get to that award.  It does take years.  He said he was going to only do it once but it just keeps going and going and going because it’s so addictive.  He said now he’s going to have to start at the beginning again for another 3077.  He got Pitt County on May 22 because we talked for a few minutes on 75 meter SSB waiting for a mobile in VA that was going to my last in VA.  He has worked all counties FIVE times finishing on April 25, 2021 using CW only.  There are over 60 awards on the MARAC database that he has earned.  

A tornado that destroyed his home, station and antennas, may have slowed him down a bit but not much.  Go to and you can see pictures and WCTI-TV videos of what the 2011 tornado did to his home and tower.  

Congratulations Hollis for an outstanding accomplishment.  
Yakkey-Dee-Yak from Dave, W4YDY          (Thank you Dave!) 


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2 thoughts on “Late Breaking News (BARC Style!)

  1. Peter,I’ll be absent tomorrow night. It’s Hockey Night in Carolina. Game 5 of the Best of 7. Carolina started Bangers winning Games 1 & 2, but lost 3 & 4 in Nashville in Overtime.Really hoping we WIN Games 5 & 6!!!!Also, and more important than hockey. In addition to Larry Schwarz we lost Larry Zickerman N4IOH of Greenville, who passed away March 20, 2021. I don’t think he was real active on the bands in the past several years, but he, his Mom and Dad were active Police Supporters with Greenville PD. He was a paramedic and a friend.73Byron Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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