BARC Notes

Here are issues and items for the membership to read. These are a collection of small notices and items to try and keep everyone informed.

New deep cycle batter installed 4/8/2021.

ARES trailer Maintenance: 4/8/21 The IC7300 radios were all upgraded to v1.40 of the firmware that allows easier switching modes like FT8/CW/SSB modes and other improvements. See Icom web site for details. — New deep cycle battery purchased from “Batteries and Bulbs” and installed in the trailer to get ready for hurricane season (starts June 1st). Over 100 Amp Hrs of power should allow the radios to run for hours before needing the generator to run. Also it seems that the solar panels and charger are working to maintain the charge state.
TO BE DONE: Test the generator for the amount of noise production and if it cannot be suppressed then sell it and get a new one. Test the antennas and program the 2M/70CM radios for all the repeaters in the east. Test and set up the computers for logging with N1MM. Setting up and testing WSJT-X and other software. Consider adding a mobile repeater. Consider adding Viper radio. Other issues? Let us know…

Work in Progress

Meeting Room: Byron is working on getting us back into the ECU meeting site.
Presentations: Byron is working on more speakers for July – December. Any ideas are welcome. Let us know…
Net Control sign up sheet: Please sign up by letting Richard know when you are available to run the 2M net on Monday night at 8PM. Here is the schedule.

More to come so please keep checking this blog for updates.
73 N4PVH

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One thought on “BARC Notes

  1. Well Done Sir!!! Thanks for all you are doing and have done!!!! You’ve been BUSY!!!

    Regarding program suggestions July-November… I can use all the help available!!! LOL!!! Thanks in advance!!!


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