John McCoy, K4KBB, SK 11/29/20

It is with deep sorrow that I heard of my dear friend’s passing just a few days ago. He will be missed for his kind words and great sense of humor. We must remember all the things he did for the club in the many positions he held over the years. He had a way of lighting up a room with kindness and laughter. Please visit the online memorial pages that the funeral home has produced -HERE- and leave a note to the family. The service is on Friday 12/4/20 at 2 pm. See the announcement for the location. As the BARC club, we should pitch in to send flowers. Send a check or email to the treasurer(at) with your thoughts and donations.

Ride the radio waves forever and rest in peace, 73 Peter.

Published by n4pvh

A ham since 2002, now finally made it to Extra! President of Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club.

One thought on “John McCoy, K4KBB, SK 11/29/20

  1. So sorry to hear about John. One of the first ones I met when I got license and joined the club.
    Prayers go out to his family of a kind and likeable person. RIP John
    Richard Cox


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