Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club (BARC)

Started in the 1967 with a group of radio enthusiasts that came together to talk about and solve problems of using radios. Originally, the local tobacco growers were supporting the club and would donate $1 every time a QSL card was sent with “Brightleaf” on it. The name stuck but the support went away.

Our old web page is now archived on where a lot of old history is presently displayed. Videos and photos from activities, field day and events are displayed. Old Hamchatter Newsletter issues can be downloaded that our illustrious editor in chief Dave W4YDY toiled for 27 years as the editor. We could not get 30 years out of him but are trying to get him to continue! The Ham Chatter Newletters are archived here.

With the new web page on WordPress we hope to make it easier to read on any device, easier to edit and add content, and to ultimately pay dues right through this location in order to continue the mission.

Our mission includes:

  • Enjoy the hobby
  • Do good works helping the community in times of need and disaster
  • Make new friends, learn more about the hobby.
  • Develop new skills (soldering, trouble shooting, Morse code, contesting, kit building, antenna design etc…

When you get tired of one aspect of the hobby, just look around and there are many other things to do and learn like digital modes, slow scan TV and satellite communications. how about talking to the space station as most astronauts are hams!

As they say: Stay tuned! Stay turned on and enjoy.

Published by n4pvh

A ham since 2002, now finally made it to Extra! President of Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club.

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