Morserino 32 adventure

In an effort to learn Morse code even better, I’ve had recommendations to try out the Morserino. It is a micro processor based Morse code machine that will be an automatic iambic keyer as well as sending and receiving Morse code. It has Wi-Fi and LowRA transmission capabilities where you could communicate between two of these machines over short distances of a few miles or over the internet.

Well it took a little less than two hours to do. I went slowly to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. What I forgot to do is order the 3.7v single cell Lipo battery. That’s on order and will come in next week. You can run it just off of a USB cable connected to either a computer or a USB charger, at 5v. It has a battery management module in it that will take 5 V and charge a 3.7 V lithium ion battery pack or if you don’t have the battery it’ll just run it. Do you have several options, you could put in a 600 mA small pack right underneath the main control board or they give you standoffs so you can put a 2000 mA pack that will run for a long time but then makes the whole thing thicker. They give you some options and the tools to allow you to adapt it to the bigger batteries. Very well thought out, very nicely executed.

Built w capacitance paddles. LoRa antenna.

My first experience playing with it tells me that the paddles are very sensitive. You have to hold your fingers just right so you don’t make too many dits. I had it at 18 words per minute so my reaction time was a little slow. What’s really great about it as as a keyer it translates what you send into text on the screen. If it’s connected to a radio it would decode the Morse code coming into it. You also can connect it up to a speaker or a headphone and you can hook up your own iambic paddle instead of using the capacitance paddles. You can also use the Koch trainer where it will send you a couple of letters and you need to tap them out and it’ll tell you whether you got it right or wrong immediately. It has other modes of training as well as being able to send a text well that you have, common words, common abbreviations and many other capabilities. It also can communicate over the Wi-Fi to another unit anywhere in the world or via LoRa locally by radio frequency.

I’m hoping to finally get morse code “Head copy” into my head! (Impossible task however)

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One thought on “Morserino 32 adventure

  1. Looks like a great learning tool. The key to Morse code learning is the dreaded word: practice! More practice equals better copy. The second best learning tool is to get on the air, also the scariest to new cw ops. But truly the best two ways to learn. You CAN do this!!!
    73 de N4PIR e e

    Will do, let’s get on 40m! N4PVH


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