Everyone Join Amazon Smile and support BARC!

Stop! Don’t do any more Christmas shopping until you change your Amazon Smile charity to Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club. By designating Brightleaf as your charity, a small donation will automatically be made to the club from each eligible purchase that you make. It costs you nothing extra, but will add up to support for the club.

You will need to go to smile.amazon.com and sign in to your existing account (you can create an account there if you don’t already have one).

  • Right under the search bar is a button that says AmazonSmile.  Hovering over that button brings up a box which allows you to choose a charity. There is either the word “change” highlighted in blue or a grey “change” button. Either one will take you to the next step.
  • My page comes up with a list of “spotlight charities” and a search bar where you will have to type in “Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club”. 
  • The search results on the next page will show the name of the club and the location here in Greenville. “Select” our club using the button on the right. 
  • It should bring up a page with a confirmation that you have selected BARC. 

You did it! Now you are ready to shop. You must be logged in through the Smile.Amazon.com page (as opposed to Amazon.com) for a donation to be made from your purchases. I added the page to my bookmarks toolbar for easy access.

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Published by n4pvh

A ham since 2002, now finally made it to Extra! President of Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club.

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