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N4S operation at the
2007 Boy Scout Camporee at
Camp Bonner North in Beaufort County, NC

The Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club set up a Special Event Station at Camp Bonner North in Beaufort County, NC using the call sign N4S coordinated by Dave LeMoine, KV4CN. A Yaesu HF transceiver and all band antenna was used and contacts were made on 40 and 20 meters, all SSB except for one on CW.  Many stations were contacted in Florida during their QSO party and several took time to talk to some of the Boy Scouts.  Also stations in Switzerland and England were contacted. Several Boy Scouts were interested in Amateur Radio and want to learn more about being licensed.   Several Scout leaders came by to observe the operation and we were given a standing invitation to return at future camporees.  Over 1000 scouts from Eastern North Carolina were at the camporee.   
k4mhm-n4s-sign.jpg (41065 bytes)

Murray Merner, K4MHM, checking out the bands.


w4ydy-n4s.jpg (45177 bytes)

Dave Langley, W4YDY, making a contact on 20 meters


n4s-k4mhm-w4ydy.jpg (37009 bytes)

Murray, K4MHM and Dave, W4YDY at the N4S station.


k4mhm-n4s.jpg (55756 bytes)

Murray, K4MHM operating N4S with Boy Scouts on the background


scouts-lunch.jpg (52716 bytes)

Boy Scout Troop 30 from Greenville, NC cooking hot dogs for lunch.


will-david-scouts.jpg (83514 bytes)
Grandsons of W4YDY standing in front of their tent.  
Acres and acres of woods were full of tents.

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