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Field Day Activities

June 27, 1998

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It's ARRL Field Day time!

fd9811.jpg (19373 bytes) fd9812.jpg (10342 bytes)
Ed Petrie, KB4IPD, makes some contacks on the Novice station. View of BARC Field Day site. Three tents, camper, Triband beam on camper, 20 and 6 meter beams on fork lift, and 2 element 40 meter beam on a military surplus tower on trailer. Not shown, 5 band inverted Vee and 80-10 vertical.
KD4JOV operating fd9818.jpg (23998 bytes)
James Eubanks, KD4JOV, operates 40 meters using the 2 element 40 meter beam for the radiator. Bob Fainter, KE4UGC, and Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, busy at the rig making more contacts while in the background, Byron, KA4KGZ works another band.
Joe, WB4SLF, at Mall display K4MHM at Mall Display
Joe, WB4SLF, watches over BARC display in Carolina East Mall in front of the Radio Shack store. At left is John Sonnenfeld, KA7KZO, RS store manager and Byron Highland, KA4KGZ. Murray Merner, K4MHM, takes his turn at the BARC display. Many items of information were available for the public to learn about Amateur Radio. Many shoppers stopped by the display.
Sheriff's emergency van KA4KGZ busy!
Pitt County Sheriff's Emergency Communications Van including tower mounted video camera at the FD site. Byron, KA4KGZ, is trying to look busy while Lieutenant Brent Stocks, Pitt County Sheriff's Dept., keeps an eye on him! Was he really there because it was air conditioned?
cooking.jpg (22485 bytes) W4TEP, K4KBB  KD4JOV in chow line
The chicken is cooking! It's chow time! Tom, W4TEP, John, K4KBB, and James, KD4JOV, are filling their plates.
Meal time Meal time
BARC members and families enjoying the BBQ chicken and many other goodies. Everyone enjoyed the great food even though it was a very HOT day. June Highland, KC4RBE, in the red shirt.
Camilla Dawson, XYL of WA4SLC in white shirt next to June (facing camera). Bill Dawson, WA4SLC, on right with his back to us (green shirt). Lynn Ross, KE4JZV, sitting next to Bill with her back to camera (white shirt). The guy by himself is Bernie, WA4MOK, (greenshirt).

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The above pictures were frames from a Cannon HI8 camcorder and captured to the computer using the Snappy.

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