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Field Day Activities

June 27, 1998

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It's ARRL Field Day time!

WA4MOK working on 40 meter tower Mounting 40 meter beam
Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, gets rotator ready for 40 meter beam on portable tower courtesy Navy-Marine Corps MARS and Mike Langley, KD4MTT Two element 40 meter beam being mounted on tower. Mac Manning, KD4AFL, and Bernie, WA4MOK, (behind Mac) receiving beam from ground crew while Doug Ferris, K4ROK, handles the fork lift.
KD4AFL and WA4MOK mounting US Flag. 40 Meter beam being raised
Mac, KD4AFL, and Bernie, WA4MOK, set the Stars and Stripes. The 40 meter beam is being raised by the hydraulic lift
As usual, our tallest tower, the MARS Tower, displayed the American Flag. This particular flag has flown over the Nation's Capitol, The World Scout Jamboree in Holland, and the National Scout Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill, in Virginia. The flag has now added another historic event in Greenville, NC.
KD4AFL and WA4MOK making final 40 meter adjustments Guying the tent
Bernie, WA4MOK, and Mac, KD4AFL, make final adjustments to 40 meter beam. Brother Simon, KQ2V, drives the stake for one of the tents while Doug, K4ROK, gives a hand.. a foot!
W4YDY and KD4AFL unpack new rig. Triband and 40 meter beams
Dave Langley, W4YDY, and Mac, KD4AFL, unpack new Yaesu rigs while Al Macklin, KC4PHJ, looks on. Three were used for Field Day. View of triband beam on camper and portable tower with 40 meter beam up about 60 feet. The tower will go up to 118 feet!
W4TEP and K4KBB keeping cool? W4TEP at the mike.
The heat was bad!! Temperature was near 100 degrees. Tom Parsons, W4TEP, and John McCoy, K4KBB, were trying to cool off near a fan. Tom, W4TEP, operating the contest on 20 meters.
BARC President Tom Parsons, W4TEP, represented BARC on two television stations, WITN-TV7 in Washington, NC and WNCT-TV9, Greenville, NC. The Greenville newspaper, The Daily Reflector, had a photograph of Byron Highland, KA4KGZ, and Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, operating a station. That was more good publicity for Amateur Radio and BARC.
N8FF on 6 meters buster3.jpg (14457 bytes)
Ken Graf, N8FF, operating the six meter station while Ken's dog stays cool!. Buster, The Wonder Dog, trying to keep cool! "Why am I here?"
Picture by K4KBB

More 1998 Field Day Pictures on Page 2

The above pictures were from a Cannon HI8 camcorder and captured to the computer using the Snappy.

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