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Field Day Activities

June 27/28, 2015

The BARC Field Day site was located at The Oakwood School near Greenville, NC.
The school is on MacGregor Downs Road.

W4AMC operated as 3A (3 stations + 6 meters)

BARC Field Day Co-chairmen
Terry Monday, K4ZYD
Jeff Meyer, K4DKW

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Overall view of BARC Field Day site

TA-33Jr attached to BARC trailer.

fd15pic3-s.jpg (45626 bytes) fd15pic4-s.jpg (56312 bytes)

Break shelter in forgound.

Jeff Meyer, K4DKW, and Paul Flecther, KS4YF

fd15pic5-s.jpg (49146 bytes) fd15pic6-s.jpg (54239 bytes)

Jeff Meyer, K4DKW, and Paul Flecther, KS4YF.

Jeff Meyer, K4DKW

The following pictures are from the KG4WEZ Drone

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G0029877-s.jpg (15311 bytes) G0029880-s.jpg (13470 bytes)
G0019791-s.jpg (16288 bytes) G0029908-s.jpg (13727 bytes)

Pictures by W4YDY unless otherwise noted.  Click on picture for larger copy.

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