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Field Day Activities

June 28/29, 2014

The BARC Field Day site was located at the former VOA Site C West of Greenville.

W4AMC operated as 3A (3 stations + 6 meters)


IMG_1898.jpg (56024 bytes) IMG_1900.jpg (29763 bytes)

Raising the Mosley TA-33Jr.

Terry Monday, K4ZYD, up the Rhombic tower

IMG_1902.jpg (29475 bytes) IMG_1903.jpg (40379 bytes)

Terry didn't go to the top!

Almost done. Terry coming down.

IMG_1905.jpg (40878 bytes) IMG_1906.jpg (37129 bytes)

Almost ready for the contest

6 meter and Tri-band beams with VOA rhombic in the background

IMG_1907.jpg (49334 bytes) IMG_1921.jpg (55636 bytes)

Final adjustments to the 6 meter antenna.

Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, checking antenna SWR.

IMG_1910.jpg (51591 bytes) IMG_1909.jpg (63137 bytes)

View of setup

Checking the bands.

IMG_1916.jpg (44467 bytes) IMG_1912.jpg (56369 bytes)

Almost time for the contest


IMG_1913.jpg (58690 bytes) IMG_1917.jpg (57490 bytes)

Final checks on the radios


IMG_1918.jpg (57235 bytes) IMG_1920.jpg (54680 bytes)

Terry resting for all the tower climbing


Contest underway


IMG_1923.jpg (59688 bytes) IMG_1925.jpg (50889 bytes)

Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, tuning the bands

K4RF and WA4MOK checking out the 6 meter beam.

IMG_1928.jpg (57795 bytes) IMG_1929.jpg (57278 bytes)

Meal time with the families.

IMG_1930.jpg (53957 bytes) IMG_1931.jpg (52932 bytes)

Besides the catered food, some brought in covered dish meats, vegetables and deserts. There was more than enough for everyone.

IMG_1932.jpg (59691 bytes) IMG_1933.jpg (37985 bytes)

Back to the contest with full stomachs.


IMG_1934.jpg (38992 bytes) IMG_1935.jpg (54570 bytes)

Doug Ferris, K4ROK, working SSB


Hollis Thigpen, KC3X, getting active on CW.


IMG_1937.jpg (57590 bytes) IMG_1940.jpg (45178 bytes)

All the operating positions busy.


IMG_1941.jpg (42223 bytes) IMG_1942.jpg (42624 bytes)

Dave Langley, W4YDY, logging while Hollis, KC3X, racks up the CW contacts.

Hollis's CW catches up with the SSB stations


IMG_1943.jpg (45654 bytes) IMG_1944.jpg (46522 bytes)

Gerry Clayton, K4IDD, making points


Terry, K4ZYD, and Bill McDowell, WA4SLC, operating SSB.


IMG_1945.jpg (41501 bytes) IMG_1946.jpg (48357 bytes)

Josh, KB3VHK, and Paul, KS4YF, team up for points.

Richard Campbell, W4JNC, on the radio.

Pictures by W4YDY.  If anyone wants a larger copy, send email to<w4ydy @>

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