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Field Day Activities

June 23/24, 2012

2012 Field Day Video Coming Soon I hope!

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The BARC Field Day site was located at the former VOA Site C West of Greenville.
In the background, the 3 approximately 200 foot towers are part of a 1600 foot long
rhombic antenna pointed toward Honolulu and one of the two 16 element log periodic
antennas 500 feet from the radios.. To bad they were not closer for our use!

W4AMC operated as 3A (3 stations + 6 meters)

BARC Field Day Co-chairmen
Thomas Styron, KB7L

Richard Campbell, W4JNC

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Terry Monday, K4ZYD, up a nearby tower hanging one end of a wire multi-band antenna. The other end was tied to tower that held a Log Periodic antenna.

Terry didn't go to the top!

fd2012_413.jpg (61021 bytes) fd2012_411.jpg (51072 bytes)

Mike Langley's KD4MTT generator.  Mike was  up in North Alaska 3512 miles away by radio signal and 4867 miles by road!

The KD4MTT generator and the BARC equipment trailer.
Thanks Mike for the use of the generator.

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Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, and Josh Steele, KB3VKH,
connect up the radios.

Peter, KG4WEZ, Thomas Styron, KB7L, and Terry Monday, K4ZYD, putting final hookups to the radios.

fd2012_410.jpg (59704 bytes) fd2012_419.jpg (53821 bytes)

Richard, W4JNC, Josh, KB4VKH, and Nathan Hatchel, KK4FRP, PCC student, hook up the 6 meter station.

Thomas, KB7L, and Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, assemble Tarheel Screwdriver antenna.

fd2012_427.jpg (63616 bytes) fd2012_429.jpg (48511 bytes)

Josh, KB3VHK, Nathan, KK4FRP, Richard, W4JNC, and Bill Dawson, WA4SLC, assembling the 6 meter antenna.

Final assembly of the 6 meter beam.  Could probably do some moonbounce with that giant dish in the background!
fd2012_431.jpg (57788 bytes) fd2012_434.jpg (57210 bytes)
Peter, KG4WEZ, Bill, WA4SLC, Nathan, KK4FRP, and Josh, KB3VHK, doing the final assembly before the raising.

Final strapping to the fence for the 6 meter tower and beam.

fd2012_432.jpg (30835 bytes) fd2012_435.jpg (50406 bytes)

The 6 meter beam is ready to use.  The 16 element Log Periodic would have been nice to use.  It was only about 60 feet from the radios and about 100 feet high..

Some just get worn out climbing towers and putting up antennas.
His initials are Terry, K4ZYD!

fd2012_436.jpg (54294 bytes) fd2012_438.jpg (27102 bytes)

Richard, W4JNC, working 40 meters.

Gerry Clayton, K4IDD, working 20M and Richard, W4JNC, on 40M while Gene Underwood, KE4JZU, looks on.

fd2012_444.jpg (57392 bytes) fd2012_446.jpg (53611 bytes)
Ted, KI4PWX, on the logging computer and Richard, W4JNC, on the radio.


Josh, KB4VKH, on the computer and Thomas, KB7L, on the radio.

fd2012_447.jpg (52423 bytes) fd2012_450.jpg (40900 bytes)
Taylor, W4WTM, and Billie Millar arrive.  Peter, KG4WEZ, getting ready to take some pictures.

The caterer has arrived with some great food, BBQ, slaw, potato salad, cornbread and banana pudding!

fd2012_452.jpg (54817 bytes) fd2012_454.jpg (59218 bytes)

Besides the catered food, some brought in covered dish meats, vegetables and deserts. There was more than enough for everyone.

fd2012_455.jpg (57415 bytes) fd2012_458.jpg (57018 bytes)

Everyone enjoying supper!

fd2012_468.jpg (58792 bytes) fd2012_466.jpg (52228 bytes)

"The bag lady"

Back to the contest!

fd2012_463.jpg (61474 bytes) fd2012_469.jpg (28080 bytes)

Thomas, KB7L, operating on a full stomach!

Another 16 element Log Periodic 530 feet from the radios.

fd2012_470.jpg (44574 bytes) fd2012_471.jpg (44697 bytes)

Thomas, KB7L, Gerry, K4IDD, and Peter, KG4WEZ.

Josh, KB3VHK, and Brenda Bertrand, KJ4GDS, making some contest contacts. 

fd2012_477.jpg (45915 bytes) fd2012_478.jpg (33756 bytes)

Nathan, KK4FRP, and Thomas, KB7L, working 40 meters.

Gerry, K4IDD, working some late night CW on 20 meters.

Pictures by W4YDY.  If anyone wants a larger copy, send email to<w4ydy @>

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