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Field Day Activities

June 25/26, 2011

2011 Field Day Video

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The BARC Field Day site was again as it was for the last five years at
the corner of Turnbury and Arlington Blvd. It was a very public view.
W4AMC operated as 4A (4 stations + VHF/UHF + Satellite)

BARC Field Day Co-chairmen
Terry Monday, K4ZYD
Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK
John McCoy, K4KBB

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Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, Richard Campbell, W4JNC, Dave LeMoine, KV4CN,  and Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, holding mast, assembling the Tarheel Antenna dipole provided by Robert Young, NC4RY, developer and technical support for the Tarheel Antennas. 


The Tarheel Antenna dipole in the air

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The Tarheel Antenna Armstrong rotor!


Now to get this big Tinker Toy set put together!

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Ted Bertrand, KI4WPZ, Dave Pulver, KG4CZW, Dave, KV4CN, Bob Hanrahan, AF4QY, and Terry Monday, K4ZYD, assemble the shelter.


The second shelter goes up.

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Peter, KG4WEZ, assembles the 6 meter beam while in the background, John McCoy, K4KBB, works on a tripod for a pole tower.


The engine generator belonging to Mike Langley, KD4MTT, is ready to go.

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John, K4KBB, starting up with the tower for 40 meters.


BARC members Vashti Forrest, W4DXJ, and Tom Forrest, N4GVK, Greensboro, come down for Field Day.  Tom is the editor for the NC column of the Repeater Journal. 
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The RV belonging to Peter, KG4WEZ, with antennas installed for the Field Day PSK operation using solar power.


Ted, KI4PWX, and Richard, W4JNC, installing TA-33Jr with ground support from Bernie, WA4MOK, Bill Dawson, WA4SLC, and Joe Scott, WB2YFM.

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The TA-33Jr in operation.


The six meter beam and the 40 meter inverted vee.

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Bernie, WA4MOK, operating six meters.

Hollis Thigpen, KC3X, operating CW on the 40 meter band while Dave Langley, W4YDY, logs.  In the background, Richard, W4JNC, operates six meters. 


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Greenville Mayor Pat Dunn asking questions and checking out the CW operation by Hollis, KC3X.


Mayor Dunn observing Hollis, KC3X, working contest stations on 40 meters.

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BARC Secretary Brenda Bertrand, KJ4GDS, enjoying conversation. 

BARC members and guests enjoying chicken, ham and other goodies.

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Everyone enjoying supper!


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The BARC public relations shelter with Amateur Radio information.

Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, operating 15 meters.


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John Prokop, N8MPX, BARC President, operating his satellite station.

Richard, W4JNC, operating 20 meters.

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Terry, K4ZYD, and John, N8MPX, relaxing.


Peter, KG4WEZ, at his PSK station.

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It's Sunday morning and the shelters are coming down.

Peter, KG4WEZ, and Joe, WB2YFM, stay as long as there is shelter.  Notice Wendy's and Bojangles in the background!

Pictures by W4YDY.  If anyone wants a larger copy, send email to<w4ydy @>

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