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Field Day Activities

June 26, 2010

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The BARC Field Day site was again as it was for the last four years at
the corner of Turnbury and Arlington Blvd. It was a very public view.
W4AMC operated as 4A (4 stations + VHF/UHF + Satellite)


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Construction of the BARC site


The tower being tilted up.

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Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, getting a lot of advice while cranking the tower to the operating position.


Tower is up and now to hook up the coax and rotor cables

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Richard Campbell, KG4SNE, and John Prokop, N8MPX, assembling the satellite antennas.


Pat Williams, KG4NSC, watches visitor sign the visitors book.

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Ken Graf, N8FF, on CW while John Grant, AF4MY, logs.


Richard Campbell, KG4SNE, operating SSB with John Prokop, N8MPX, doing the logging.
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The BARC PR table.


Noel Lee, Pitt County Emergency Services Manager, and Dave Pulver, KG4CZV.
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Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, logging while Andrew Landry, 10, makes a contact.


Paul, KS4YF, logging after Will Landry, 14, makes his contact.

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Cheryl McGuire, KJ4RGP, Margaret McGuire, KJ4RGQ, Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, and Tim McGuire, KJ4RGO, check out some of Peter's setup. 


Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, logging and David Landry, W4WDA, operating.
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Bill Morine, N2COP, Noel Lee, Pitt County Emergency Services Manager, and Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK. Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, logging after Tim McGuire, KJ4RGO, makes a contest contact.  Margaret McGuire, KJ4RGQ, watches while waiting her turn.


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Paul, KS4YF, logging while Margaret McGuire, 12, KJ4RGQ, operates.


John Prokop, N8MPX, and Cheryl McGuire, KJ4RGP at the satellite station.

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Paul, KS4YF, and Taylor Millar, W4WTM


Gary Ambert, AI4J, and Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK

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Murray Merner, K4MHM, and Joe Scott, WB2YFM


Bill All, N3KKM, at the 6 meter station

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Pat Williams, KG4NSC, Taylor Millar, W4WTM, and John McCoy, K4KBB Ken Graf, N8FF, and John Grant, AF4MY, operating while Dave Pulver, KG4CZV, Bonnie Pulver, KG4CZW and Ken's wife, Kathy Sue watch.


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Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, and Brenda Bertrand, KJ4GDS


Byron Highland, K4BMH, ready to eat!

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Brenda Bertrand, KJ4GDS, Bonnie Pulver, KG4CZW, and Dave Pulver, KG4CZV


Everyone's favorite operating table!

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Filling the plates


Just filling!

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More just filling!

Ken Graf, N8FF, and his wife, Kathy Sue.



Pictures by W4YDY and KG4CZV.  If anyone wants a larger copy, send email to<w4ydy @>

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