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Field Day Activities

June 27/28, 2009

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The BARC Field Day site was again as it was for the last three years at the corner of Turnbury and Arlington Blvd. It was a very public view.
W4AMC operated as 3A (3 stations + GOTA + VHF/UHF + Satellite)

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Satellite antenna being assembled by John Prokop, N8MPX, Bob Schwemley, WA4MGU, Bill All, N3KKM, and Bob Moore, N4USB.

Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, bolting the TA-33 to the tower with assistance from the ground crew.

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Ted, KI4PWX, making final adjustments to the rotor.

David Landry unpacking radio equipment.

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Dave LeMoine, KV4CN, and David hooking up radios.

Pat Williams, KG4NSC, setting sign stake with David assisting.

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Tower starting to go up.

Final assembly of the satellite antennas.

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How many does it take to install a Tarheel antenna?
Two workers and three supervisiors!

John McCoy, K4KBB, watching his antenna support very closely to be sure Terry Monday, K4ZYD, does it right.

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Dave Pulver, KG4CZV, BARC Field Day Chairman, and Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, fixing sign for the Public Relations booth.

Noel Lee, Pitt County Emergency Services Manager, signs the visitors book.

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David is being taught by Dave, KV4CN, at the Get On The Air (GOTA) station located in the Public Relations booth.. 

David is now at the radio position making contacts while Dave, KV4CN, is at the logging computer. David's senior project is to get his Amateur Radio license and Dave is his mentor.

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Sherry Frye, KE4LZE, and Jack Frye, KG4SAA, visiting from Goldsboro, in conversation with Bob, N4USB, and Pat, KG4NSC, at the Public Relations booth.

Murray Merner, K4MHM, and Drew Tingen, KJ4MUZ, operating the 20 meter station.  Drew was licensed just 11 days earlier and is getting his first HF experience.

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Byron Highland, K4BMH, and Paul Fletcher, KS4YF, hold down the 75 meter station.

David and Dave, KV4CN, operating the GOTA station.

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Byron, K4BMH, at the 40 meter station.

Bill, N3KKM, working the 6 meter station.

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John, N8MPX, getting ready to make a few contacts via satellite.

Control box for the Elevation/Azimuth satellite antennas.

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BARC video star, Richard Campbell, KG4SNE.

Greenville Mayor Pat Dunn and Taylor Millar, W4WTM, solving problems?

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Bernie, WA4MOK, and Brenda Malinauskas, KJ4GDS

Mayor Dunn helping to get the tables ready for the evening meal.

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Storm clouds came near but it just missed the Field Day site.  The winds did blow things around a little.

BARC members and their families and guests enjoy the evening meal thanks to Terry, K4ZYD, for getting the BBQ, fixings and beverages.  Also many thanks to others who brought covered dishes and deserts. 

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A lot of conversations after the great meal.

On the back table, is John, K4KBB, trying to clue in Brenda, KJ4GDS, about Ted, KI4PWX, while he's not paying attention?

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Dave, KG4CZV, is the winner of the 2009 GPS raffle.

Ted, KI4PWX, assists Mayor Dunn making Field Day contest contacts on 40 meters.  Some of her contacts were to stations in Rhode Island, Ohio, Georgia and New Jersey .

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WNCT-TV cameraman making videos of Mayor Dunn and he later interviewed her.  He also interviewed BARC members, Murray, K4MHM, Dave, KG4CZV, and Bill Dawson, WA4SLC.   Later the next day, a 2 minutes news story was shown on the WNCT-TV News and the CW News channel.  Also it was shown at least 2 times on the WNCT-TV Monday morning news show.


Pictures by W4YDY.  If anyone wants a larger copy, let me know and I will email it to you.

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