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Field Day Activities

June 23, 2007

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The BARC Field Day site was again as last year at the corner of Turnbury and Arlington Blvd. It was a very public view and there was a lot of room for antennas.
W4AMC operated as 3A (3 stations + GOTO + VHF/UHF + Satellite)

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The Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club trailer at site with equipment ready to set up for Field Day.
The Pitt County Emergency Services trailer also at site with tower and generator located on the front.
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Noel Lee, Pitt County Emergency Services Manager and Allen Everette, Fire Marshall, next to the Pitt County trailer. 

Dave LeMoine, KV4CN, John McCoy, K4KBB, and Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, assemble John's portable tower.

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John, K4KBB, making final adjustments on the 40 meter antenna.

One of two signs greeting the public passing by on Arlington Blvd. The site was located next to Wendy's.

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John Prokop, N8MPX, assembling antennas for satellite communications.  The local Monday morning newspaper had a big picture on the front page showing him removing it on Sunday. 

BIG JOHN!  No. That's Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, swinging the big hammer.

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View of 2 radio shelters, dining shelter and Public Relations visitor shelter.

Dave Pulver, KG4CZV, BARC President, setting up the visitor's shelter with lots of free Amateur Radio literature. Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, and Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, in the background.

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David LeMoine, KV4CN, setting up computers for logging while Terry Monday, K4ZYD, checking out a radio. 

Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, installing rotor on tower with assistance from Paul Fletcher, KS4YF.

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Mike Langley, KD4MTT, cranking the tower up to operational position.  Doug Ferris, K4ROK, and Terry Zipes, W4RCN give a lot of support!

Joel Muhaluk, KI4LMY, finishing up with the final turns of the crank, while he seems to have a lot of advice from the ground!

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The USA flag above the TA-33 and the North Carolina flag above the TA-33 Jr.  The beams are ready for Field Day.

View of towers and beams.  The TA-33 is about 40 feet high and th TA-33 Jr. is up 20 feet.

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View of the site shelters and antenna towers.

Bernie, WA4MOK, talking to Cuba on 6 meters! It was the first Field Day contact from W4AMC.

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David Cox, KG4WEU, and Richard Campbell, KG4SNE, at the Get On The Air (GOTA) station, W4UHS.

Terry Monday, K4ZYD, operating 20 meters while Murray Merner, K4MHM, logs on the computer.   Terry and Murray were Field Day co-chairmen. 

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Peter, KG4WEZ, and John, N8MPX, tracking satellites.

Bill Dawson, WA4SLC, and Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, making some Field Day contacts.

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John, K4KBB, and Paul Copeland, K4KCS, operate 40 meters.

View of the 3 operations in the South shelter.

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Richard, KG4SNE, helps Boy Scout Jordan Holder make some contacts on the GOTA station.

Scout David Landry, 15, checking out the GOTO station while his brothers, Will, 11, and Andrew, 7, grandsons of W4YDY, look on.  All are scouts and each made contacts on the GOTA station.

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BARC Field Day site.  Photo KG4CZV

Six-meter antenna in foreground.  Photo KG4CZV

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Emergency generators used to power the Field Day site.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Emergency Communications Unit at the BARC Field Day site thanks to Sheriff Mac Manning, KD4AFL.

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Pitt County Commissioner Jimmy Garris visits the BARC Field Day site talking with Dave, KG4CZV, and Bernie, WA4MOK.    Photo KG4CZV

Bill Dawson, WA4SLC, Wayne Meekins, KA4SFF, making Field Day contacts. 

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The hamburgers and hot dogs are sizzling with the help of Terry Zipes, W4RCN, and John McCoy, K4KBB.

The families come over the enjoy the Saturday evening meal.

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Glenn Swiderski, W7GS, and John Grant, AF4MY, operate into the night.

Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, and Gerry Clayton, K4IDD, used CW to make Field Day contacts. 

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Taking a break is Murray Merner, K4MHM, Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, Bonnie Pulver, KG4CZW, and Dave Pulver, KG4CZV.  Bonnie was the food coordinator.

Terry Monday, K4ZYD, and Paul Copeland, K4KCS, operate.

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Tim Slay, N4IB, North Carolina ARRL Section Manager talking with Dave, KG4CZV and Bernie, WA4MOK, during a late night visit.

Richard Cox, K4CRD, logging while Philip Garrett, K4PRG, makes Field Day contacts.

Pictures by W4YDY unless otherwise noted.   If anyone wants a larger copy, let me know and I will email it to you.

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