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Field Day Activities

June 25-26, 2005 

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The club decided again for the fourth year in a row to locate the Field Day site on the North side of Lowes Hardware. It's a very public view and lots of room for antennas.

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BARC Field Day Co-chairman Richard, KE4SNE, wiring the panel and Co-chairman John, KE4TZN, driving ground rods for tower.  Tod, KG4CCX, is brave holding the ground rod!

Assembling the Mosley TA-33 Jr. beam

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Hydraulics raising the tower.

Tower ready to crank up.

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Bernie, WA4MOK, raising the tower

Tower in place

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Peter, KG4WEZ, is interviewed by WITN-TV

Brightleaf ARC PR material for the public

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Setting up the stations - Picture by KI4CRD

Six meter beam going up - Picture by KI4CRD

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Installing a loop antenna leg

Anxouis to get started! - Picture by KE4WEZ

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Quite 15 KW engine generator at base of tower

The contest is on!

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Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) system in operation

Peter, KG4WEZ, with his RC model with video camera.   He flew circles over the FD site and sent pictures back to the TV in his RV.

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KG4WEZ RC plane over the FD site sending back video from about 100 feet
- Picture by KI4CRD

John, K4KBB, at his 6 meter station

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Bernie, WA4MOK, checking out one of the operating positions.

.Richard, KG4SNE, working one of the stations.

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Dave, KV4CN, assisting a Boy Scout visitor, Chris, get some contest points. Peter, KG4WEZ, trying to pick up a satellite contact while LaSalle Boston looks on.
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It's time to enjoy the good food!

And the food was good!

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Nine young operators helped the scoring
(Editors note: Lost notes on the names! Help)

Richard, KI4CRD, and Dave, KV4CN, assisting young ladies at the mikes

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View of the operation

Amanda Karr, KI4IWS, and Eric Christensen, KF4OTN, operate on 40 meters.  Amanda really ran up the points!

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Dave, KV4CN, assists as Boy Scout David Landry, 13, makes several contacts while his brothers Will, 9, and Andrew, 5, look on.   They are the grandsons of W4YDY Cub Scout Will Landry takes a turn at the mike and also made several contacts.
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Andrew Landry, 5, makes a contact.  He had to be one of the youngest operators in Field Day if not the youngest.  As the sun sinks in the West, Ken, N8FF, and Hollis, KC3X, pile up the points on CW.
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Nighttime operators keep the 3A stations and the GOTO station busy into the night. Murray, K4MHM, and Richard, KE4SNE, keep up the pace. 
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Terry, KG4WEW, and Carolyn Van Houten watch Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, track the satellites. Operators still looking for contest points on Sunday morning. 
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The contest is over.  Removing the beam from the tower.

Disassembling the stations

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Mike, KD4MTT, storing the equipment.

Disassembling the beam

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Ready to pack it up.

The last shelter is down.

Final score soon

QSO Totals 2005 2004
CW QSO's 973 734
SSB QSO's 818 393
Digital QSO's 7 0
GOTA Station  QSO's 118 43

A great improvement over last year!

BARC 2nd in NC 3A category
in 2005 Field Day

# Call Score Category QSOs  Power Mult GOTA Call Section Participants Club
1 K4B 7,528 3A 2,215 2 W4DCG  NC 20 Tar River ARC
2 W4AMC 7,006 3A 1,798  2 NC4PC NC 25 Brightleaf ARC
3 NC4EC 5,610 3A 1,878 2   NC 27 TAARS

Congratulations to everyone that participated!

Pictures by W4YDY unless otherwise noted.

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