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Field Day Activities

June 26, 2004 

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The club decided again for the third year in a row to locate the Field Day site on the North side of Lowes Hardware. It's a very public view and lots of room for antennas.

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Assembling the shelters.

Raising the shelters.

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John McCoy, K4KBB, and Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, putting finishing touches on the 6 meter antenna.

BARC signs and information for the public.

06fdtwr1.jpg (9185 bytes) 07fdtwr2.jpg (7580 bytes)

Start of the tower going up.

Tower almost up.

08fdtwr3.jpg (8805 bytes) 09fdtwr4.jpg (6836 bytes)

Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK,
installing the TA-33 Jr.

Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, making final adjustments to the antenna.

10fdtwr5.jpg (7642 bytes) 11fdrv.jpg (12243 bytes)

All finished with the beam and the flag is up!

Peter Van Houton, KG4WEZ, setting up his RV.

12fdops1.jpg (13503 bytes) 13fdops2.jpg (14375 bytes)

The Field Day contest is on! Murray Merner, K4MHM, Brad Brechtelsbaur, KG4ZVM, and Ken Graf, N8FF, operating and Richard Campbell, KG4SNE, Field Day Chairman, logging while Bob Moore, N4USB looks on.

Ken, N8FF, Gerry Clayton, K4IDD, Brad, KG4ZVM, on the 3A contest stations and John Grant, AF4MY, on the GOTA station.
14fdk4kbb.jpg (16902 bytes) 15fdks4yf.jpg (16964 bytes)
John McCoy, K4KBB, setting up the 6 meter station. Quite a number of contacts were made when the band opened up on Saturday night.

A fellow has to rest sometime

16fdkg4wez.jpg (15042 bytes) 17fdfood1.jpg (14164 bytes)
Peter, KG4WEZ, checking out the CW keyer and IC-706MKIIG connected to his Tarheel screwdriver antenna.

It's time to enjoy the good food.

18fdfood2.jpg (15794 bytes) 19fdops.jpg (16214 bytes)
The families joined in and everyone enjoyed the good food. Back to the contest. Hollis Thigpen, KC3X, and Ken, N8FF, operating CW stations.
20fdbar.jpg (17388 bytes) 21fdw4cc.jpg (13638 bytes)
Is that Murray, K4MHM, and Bonnie Pulver, KG4CZV, just ragchewing or taking care of the 'bar'! John Covington, W4CC, NC ARRL Section Manager, from Belmont, visiting BARC Field Day operation on Saturday night.

Early results
2004 was a hugh improvement (74%) over 2003. Good Job to all. Here are the contacts. This is just QSO numbers. Not points. No bonus points, etc. - Tnx KV4CN
W4AMC - CW 734, SSB 393
NC4PC - (GOTA) CW 0, SSB 43
Total - CW 734, SSB 436 = 1170 contacts

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