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Field Day Activities
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June 22, 2002

The Red Cross asked BARC to participate in Hurricane Preparedness at Lowes Hardware on June 22. The club decided to locate the Field Day site next to Lowes and also had a display at the Red Cross tent in the Lowes parking lot.   Participating were the Pitt County Sheriffs Department, Greenville Fire Department, WITN-TV Channel 7 and others.

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It's ARRL Field Day time!

BARC members raising tower for the Mosley triband beam.

02fd03vertraise.jpg (9815 bytes) 02fd04donuts.jpg (21191 bytes)
Gary Wise, W8EEY, and Al Joyner, KG4TPN, finish installation of vertical for 10 through 40 meters.

Eddie Campbell, KG4SNE, Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK,  and John McCoy, K4KBB, sampling the donuts.  Bernie is fueling up for the tower climb!

02fd05twr1.jpg (16796 bytes) 02fd06twr2.jpg (11468 bytes)
BARC members assisting Al, KG4TPN, (on top of the trailer) with the Mosley TA-33, thanks to the loan by John Johnson, KE4TZN.

Bernie and Al raising the beam to the top.

02fd07twr3.jpg (9948 bytes) 02fd09mok.jpg (14084 bytes)

Bernie and Al put finishing touches on the tower.

Bernie looks proud of their work.  The 10-15-20 meter beam is ready for operation.
02fd0840m.jpg (20016 bytes) 02fd12eg.jpg (16167 bytes)

Gary Wise, W8EEY, pounds the stake for the 40 meter antenna while Dave LeMoine, KV4CN, is being very careful with his assistance! 

Doug Ferris, K4ROK, adjusts the engine generator. The Pitt County Sheriff’s Emergency Communications Unit on display at the BARC Field Day site made a good noise shield for the operators..

02fd10mhmrc.jpg (18146 bytes) 02fd11rc.jpg (16324 bytes)

Murray Merner, K4MHM, BARC Field Day Chairman, chats with Sharlene Lee, Red Cross Executive Director.  The Red Cross brought over pizzas for lunch for the club members setting up the Field Day site.

John McCoy, K4KBB, Tom Parsons, W4TEP, chat with a Greenville fireman at the BARC display at the Red Cross tent.


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