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Field Day Activities

June 24, 2000

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 BARC Field Day sign

It's ARRL Field Day time!

Field Day sign and Sheriff's emergency communications van Checking engine generator

Field Day sign and Pitt County Sheriff Department Mobile Command Center van set up for public viewing. View from US Highway 264B coming into Greenville from the West.


Pat Sutton, KD4NNA, Field Day Chairman, checking to be sure the engine generator is ready.


James Eubanks, KD4JOV,  and Harold Bailey, KD4NRB Cameraman from WITN-TV, Channel 7
James Eubanks, KD4JOV,  operates 40 meters while Harold Bailey, KD4NRB, logs.

Cameraman from WITN-TV, Channel 7 in Washington, taking some videos and interviewing BARC members.


Cameraman from WNCT-TV interviews Pat, KD4NNA WNCT-TV taking a few close-ups.

Cameraman from WNCT-TV, Channel 9 in Greenville, interviews Pat, KD4NNA, about the Field Day activities and Amateur Radio participation by BARC during the Hurricane Floyd Floods in 1999.


WNCT-TV taking a few close-ups. Both TV stations had stories on the 6 PM news and related the role that BARC and Amateur Radio had with emergency communications during hurricanes and the big flood last year.


Tod LeMoine, KG4CCX BARC Display

Tod LeMoine, KG4CCX, operated the 10 meter band for many hours both days of the contests.


A display was set up for the visiting public with info pamphlets and copies of Ham Chatter.


Tod LeMoine, KG4CCX, Julie Williams, KG4GFG, and Nick Williams. Triband beam and engine generator

The younger generation operating 10 meters. Tod LeMoine, KG4CCX, Julie Williams, KG4GFG, and Nick Williams.


View of the triband beam and engine generator. The United States and North Carolina flags wave atop the tower.

Engine generator Shelters

The engine generator doing its job.


From left to right, operating shelter, green parachute shelter, food shelter and enclosed shelter.

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The above pictures by W4YDY were from a Cannon HI8 camcorder and captured to the computer using the Snappy.

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