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2007Dogwood Festival
Photos by John McCoy, K4KBB

The Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club set up radios at the Farmville Dogwood Festival on April 28 and 29.
On Sunday, a BBQ grill drawing was held and it was won by Mark's Marine, Grimesland, NC.

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Antenna assembly by Richard Cox, K4CRD, Richard Campbell, KG4SNE, and Doug Ferris, K4ROK

Richard Campbell, KG4SNE, and Richard Cox, K4CRD connecting the mast.

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Doug Ferris, K4ROK, and Richard Cox, K4CRD,
making final connections.

Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, and Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, all set up and ready to go.
Farmville07-05.JPG (28565 bytes) Farmville07-06.JPG (20842 bytes)

Doug Ferris, K4ROK, and Harold Bailey, KD4NRB.

Grand prize BBQ Pro Stainless Steel Grill.

Farmville07-07.JPG (19635 bytes) Farmville07-08.JPG (25841 bytes)
Ted Bertrand, KI4PWX, ready to demonstrate the grill!

Harold Bailey, KD4NRB, next to the ticket barrel
looking for customers.

Farmville07-09.JPG (25247 bytes) Farmville07-10.JPG (20192 bytes)

Pat Williams, KG4NSC, BARC Public Relations.

Mike Langley, KD4MTT, and Doug Ferris, K4ROK
exchanging a few stories.

Farmville07-11.JPG (21669 bytes) Farmville07-12.JPG (23854 bytes)
Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, and Mike Langley, KD4MTT.

John McCoy, K4KBB, and Pat Williams, KG4NSC,
making contacts on the radios.

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