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2009 Salem Car and Bike Show
Salem United Methodist Church
Simpson, NC
May 16, 2009

The Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club was invited to set up a demonstration of Amateur Radio at the Salem Car and Bike Show in Simpson at the Salem United Methodist Church on Saturday, May 16. Thanks to Peter Boettger, from the church, he had a table, chairs and power ready for us when we arrive. Pat Williams, KG4NSC and Dave Langley, W4YDY, met with Peter about 10 days earlier to select a site.

BARC participants were Bill All, N3KKM, Susan All, N3RAL, Paul Copeland, K4KCS, Dave Langley, W4YDY, Dave LeMoine, KV4CN, John McCoy, K4KBB, Taylor Millar, W4WTM, Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, and Pat Williams, KG4NSC.

The club’s Icom IC-706MKIIG was used and Bernie, WA4MOK, fixed up a Little Tarheel on a tripod for use if needed. John, K4KBB, brought his camper and a Tarheel 75 antenna. His camper was parked near our station with a Tarheel Model 100 on top of his camper. The final setup was the Icom 706 using the Model 75 on 40 meters and John’s Yaesu FT-897D transceiver on 20 meters using the Model 100 on top of his camper. Bernie’s control cable and box was used to control the Model 100. Brochures were displayed and handed out to the public.

Contacts were made on 40 and 20 meters with Bill, N3KKM, Dave, KV4CN, Bernie, WA4MOK, and Dave, W4YDY, operating. Several folks came by to see the operation and learn about Amateur Radio and BARC. Also some that came over were licensed or formerly licensed and all were invited to the club meetings. Pictures were made by Bill, N3KKM, and John, K4KBB.

The church had beverages and food there for their fund raiser and they had some other activities for children and adults. They had a PA system set up away from us and were playing some 60's music the Bernie liked! There were a lot of interesting cars and motorcycles on display. The Simpson Fire Department had one of their fire trucks there and the Red Cross bloodmobile was there. Saturday afternoon, the Pitt County Sheriff’s helicopter landed across the street from the church.

All comments received have been positive and all club members that participated had a good time. Thanks to Salem United Methodist Church for inviting us and a special thanks goes to Peter Boettger for his assistance.


kbbinstallantkkms.jpg (32516 bytes) kbbantckkkms.jpg (22104 bytes)

John, K4KBB, setting up his Model 75 Tarheel antenna for 40 meters. Photo by N3KKM


John checking the SWR on the Model 100 antenna on his camper for 20 meters.
Photo by N3KKM

003kkm1s.jpg (16492 bytes) Setupkkm3.jpg (21153 bytes)
John, K4KBB, and Dave, W4YDY, setting up the control boxes for the Tarheel antennas.  Photo by N3KKM Dave, W4YDY, and Dave, KV4CN, connecting wiring to the radios. Photo by N3KKM

005kkm1s.jpg (15618 bytes)

0025kbb1s.jpg (19278 bytes)
Bernie, WA4MOK, checking out the Icom IC-706 for 40 meters. Photo by K3KKM

The BARC operating position.  In front Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, Dave LeMoine, KV4CN, Bill All, N3KKM,  and Dave Langley, W4YDY.   In back are Paul Copeland, K4KCS, Pat Williams, KG4NSC, and Taylor Millar, W4WTM.   In the background is the bloodmobile and John's camper. Photo by K4KBB

0002kbb1s.jpg (15460 bytes) 0001kbb1s.jpg (18948 bytes)

Bernie, WA4MOK, explaining Amateur Radio to visitors. Photo by K4KBB

Bernie, WA4MOK, answering questions about the many uses of Amateur Radio. Photo by K4KBB

0004kbb1s.jpg (17785 bytes)

0024kbb1s.jpg (17046 bytes)
Salem United Methodist Church members cooking hot dogs.  In the far right background is the BARC radio position. Photo by K4KBB
A wide view of some of the layout of the car and bike show.  Center back is BARC and tent on left is the food center. Photo by K4KBB
0005kbb1s.jpg (19209 bytes) 0013kbb1s.jpg (18887 bytes)
A small sampling of the many cars at the show. Photo by K4KBB More cars. Photo by K4KBB
0009chevykbb3.jpg (20342 bytes) 0019kbb1s.JPG (18800 bytes)
Chevy -  Photo by K4KBB Motorcycles with 2 front wheels. Photo by K4KBB

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