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BARC 2015 Officers

The BARC 2015 officers were elected by acclamation at the November club meeting.  There were no other nominations. The 2015 club officers are:

President: Terry Monday, K4ZYD
1st VP: Gerry Clayton, K4IDD
2nd VP: John McCoy, K4KBB
Secretary: Erv Davis, KK4HHY
Treasurer: Jeff Meyer, K4DKW
2 Trustees: Richard Campbell, W4JNC and Morris Lewis, AK4MU

They will be introduced at the Annual Christmas party on December 9.

New email address for the BARC VE
ve @ w4amc.com (remove spaces)

October 2014 BARC VE Session Results updatedy.gif (1796 bytes)10/29/14

Three applicants came to the October 21 BARC VE session and all three passed exams.  Two qualified for the Technician license and one passed the Technician and General exams.

Aaron Camp, KM4FJL, Winterville, passed Elements 2 and 3 and qualified for the General license.  Harold Stevens, KM4FJK, Greenville, and Bobby Pace, KM4FJJ, Aulander, NC, passed Element 2 and qualified for the Technician license.  The new call signs were issued by the FCC October 29.   Congratulations to all for their accomplishments and welcome to Amateur Radio.  

The VE's that attended were VE Liaison Dave Langley, W4YDY, Dan Wallace, K4HMW,  Richard Campbell, W4JNC, Morris Lewis, AK4MU, Terry Monday, K4ZYD, and Steve Horne II, KB5B


Steve Horne II, KB5B, will be the new BARC VE Liaison starting with the December 16 session.  Thanks Steve for stepping up and contributing to Amateur Radio. His email is ve @ w4amc.com.

The next regular BARC VE session is scheduled for December 16, 2014. 

2015 Dues

Membership dues for BARC are due January 1.  Those who have not paid their dues will not be listed on the roster and will be removed from the Ham Chatter mailing list starting in April. Membership dues are the same as they were in 2014 and are as follows: 

Regular Member $20.00
Family Member $2.00
Associate Member (Non-Licensed) $5.00
Honorary Member $0.00
New Hams: 18 and younger (1st year) $5.00
New Hams: 19 and older (1st year) $10.00

Please mail your dues, along with the member application form if there are any changes to: Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 8387, Greenville, NC 27835. We are requesting that you send the application form in so that we can have your correct information on file. The form can be downloaded from http://www.w4amc.com/application.pdf. If anyone has any questions concerning their membership status or their dues, please email Gerry Clayton, K4IDD, BARC Treasurer, at gclayton4 @ suddenlink.net  (remove spaces in email address).  After December 31, 2014, email the new Treasurer.

Thank you for your support and participation in BARC.

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