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Amateur Emergency Services

Emergency Services

 Many people assume ham radio is just for yacking at someone around the world.  It's much more than that.  When a disaster strikes a whole area could be without electricity and cell phone towers.  So normal emergency communications could be down.  Groups like ARES and RACES come into play.   Ham radio operators that are equipped with battery power and generators can get messages in and out of disaster areas when other forms of communications are down.   Since the ham operators already live in the area they can be used in a short amount of time.  Especially if roads, bridges, etc are out as well. 

ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Program Your VHF UHF Transceivers for Disaster Preparedness with FRS GMRS PMR MURS BUSINESS WEATHER MARINE HAM Channel Frequencies

Beaufort County and Washington - frequencies for local emergency services.  You can change to a different state/county etc at the top of the page.

Pitt County and Greenville - frequencies for local emergency services.  You can change to a different state/county etc at the top of the page.

RACES - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service - a protocol created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC Part 97, Section 407).

Pitt County Skywarn Script - Active/Standby Mode

Newport, NC National Weather Service Office Home Page

W4EHW Home Page - Amateur Radio at National Hurricane Center
Amateur Radio Operators and Volunteer Weather Observers within 300 miles of a hurricane are asked to send information listed on this hurricane report form to the National Hurricane Center. - Tnx N4WKM

Hurricane Tracking Data and Software

Forecasts from North Carolina

U. S. National Weather Service

Intellicast - World weather from NBC.

Top Weather News from USA Today

WRAL-TV Online - Weather Center

Hurricane On-line Report Form NHC

Emergency Radio - ARRL

Weather & Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for a Tornado-1.pdf

NERPC Report

Form ICS-213 - Use if activated

FEMA Independent Study Program - Course

Emergency Preparedness

The Homeowner’s Hurricane Safety Guide

The big list of survival links and books

Home Emergency & Disaster Information - A lot of great information on all sorts of disaster and preparations. 

Disaster Supplies - Be sure you have what you need.



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