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N4OAK Oakwood School ARC Reactivation

So to kickoff getting N4OAK on the air, we have now scheduled up an “all-hands-on-deck day” for:


9AM on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at the Oakwood School, 4000 MacGregor Downs Road, Greenville NC 27834

Many of you know that I have been working with Peter Van Houten to develop a closer working relationship with The Oakwood School.  They want to get their ham station up and running and then make those facilities available to the benefit of the ENC community.


Having a local flagship/club station is very rare and provides unique opportunities to help grow both of our clubs, (especially since some of us are new hams, don’t have a station to use and could really use an elmer, etc.)  As both clubs share the need of support, training and classes, we would like to potentially use those their facilities for our upcoming licensing classes, club training, (especially since some of us are new hams, don’t have a station to use and could really use an elmer, etc.).


BARC club members are asked to donate their time and expertise to help the following tasks:

1.       Inventory and test the existing equipment and antennas

2.       Label & test all the feedlines

3.       Fix the antenna situation


As school starts at the end of the month,  it’s very important to have this station fully operational in the next couple of weeks, so sufficient time remains to both organize/schedule an open house for both clubs, generate mutual club interest, schedule/facilitate license classes and coordinate the advance publicity.


Now that it has been firmly scheduled, please make it a point to help, so we can hit the ground running.  The more who attend, the easier for everyone, the less time it will take and the more we can accomplish!

Please contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to confirm your attendance, so we can gauge what the turnout will be and plan for an efficient use of your volunteerism.


Jeffrey A. Meyer

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